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I want to protest outside a Pets Paradise store.

What do I do?

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shell2 shell2 QLD Posts: 5
1 7 Jun 2012

[Moderator edit: No all-caps titles please]

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
2 7 Jun 2012
stop using caps, that's what you do! you can also stealthily go in pretending that you're wanting a puppy and act concerned as to wear it comes from, not necessarily acting in any manner in regards to puppy farming, just ask questions to make sure "you're getting it from a  reliable source" if they won't  give you any info then go and protest out the front with some signs, oscars law signs/shirts etc

Mokilok Mokilok VIC Posts: 34
3 8 Jun 2012
So I know there was this big issue with pets paradise and puppy farms but I think its been blown a little out of proportion.

You can't just protest any store, They each get puppies from difference places and some stores adhere to policies and some don't.

I knew a bloke who went to a local pets paradise and offered to sell them puppies and they accepted, Backyard breeder.

I also know a girl who is a big animal lover, she works for a different pets paradise store and their policies are very strict on where they come from. Also they are quiet strict on who they sell too (in that if they see something wrong, like they can't look after the animal or they are planning to use it as snake food, or they have been drinking etc.. they won't sell to that individual.)

Her store actually did get a protest and she was pretty annoyed about it given she does right by the Animals in her store.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 8 Jun 2012
Animals shouldn't be sold in pet shops full stop.
Any reliable breeders won't let their animals be sold in pet shops. Responsible breeders like to do thorough checks to make sure people are educated enough about the particular breed, yard checks to make sure your yard is safe and a suitable size, and they even sometimes do check ups a few weeks after getting the animal to see how they are adjusting to their new home.
The same as adopting animals through rescue organisations - they will get you to fill out a form to apply for adoption, and then will come and do a yard check.
This just doesn't happen in pet stores. So who knows where the animal is going or how well the owners are going to be able to look after it.

The first few months of a puppy or kittens life are an essential part of their physical and mental development. Being locked in a cage or a glass box does not give them enough exercise or social stimulation with other people or animals.

A lot of backyard breeders are also no better than puppy farmers. A lady in a nearby suburb had nearly 100 dogs in her yard which were severely neglected, living in filth and in severe need of medical attention. This went on for years until she was finally banned from owning dogs for an extended period of time.
A person I know also got their kelpie puppy from a man who had the poor dogs tied up on chains mostly all day long, and the puppies were skinny and neglected.

Point being that no matter how educated a pet shop worker is, or where the animals are coming from, a pet store is still no place for a puppy, kitten or any animal to be.