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We need to do more!

Come on

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kayne kayne WA Posts: 23
1 8 Jun 2012
We need to do more to show these people what is happening, emails and phone calls are great but its not enough. People need these images/ movies shown to them right in front of there face. I Know its a little bit scary confronting people, i get scared sad But i just think about the animals.
If you dont want to confront people- do it in the stealth of the night with a friend. Or by yourself. Putting Signs all over a place that sells fur in upmarket perth has never made me feel as good as i did after doing it. Lyn white is an inspiration to every one, I would love to have her confidence and wisdom. Start small and imaging Big never quit. I like to carry a Glue stick around in my jackets with some little posters, i like to put them up when people are not looking on trains or busses or walls ect. Is it graffiti you ask "NO" you can peel it off- sort of like a sticker.

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
2 10 Jun 2012
happy I think that's a pretty neat idea, however, be aware of the type of glue you're using and whereabouts your stick those signs, if you haven't already. Remember that to earn respect you must show it, so I hope that you're not sticking the signs blatantly on walls and windows of shops and whatnot, so that people aren't getting annoyed and therefore if it's not intruding too much they'll be more likely to listen.
That being said, I have stuck a sticker on an ad about the whole 'beeflex' campaign which just happened to be up during the Sydney Cruelty-Free Festival back in 2011 tongue