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Please help Xava


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Sarah19 Sarah19 VIC Posts: 62
1 14 Jun 2012
       I am moving from Brisbane to Melbourne next Sunday [24th].
This has come up suddenly as me and my husband are seperating, divorcing. My problem is I am taking my dog Bee, and was hoping to take my mouse, Xava. However I have researched and her chances of surviving the flight and the drive are very slim. As much as it destroys me and rips my heart out i think the best thing I can do as her mum is ask if there is anyone out there who could adopt her. I am crying as I write this... She is a lovely, tame girl. I can offer a very supportive, sincere, amount to anyone who may be interested in her.Thankyou, and please let me know asap...

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
2 14 Jun 2012
I don't have any helpful advice but i drove my rats from sydney to elbourne and back without a problem. is it the flight air pressure changes that threaten it's health?