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Comparing vegan lollies

Chewy, delicious mouthwatering sweets in a multitude of palate bursting flavours

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Lollielegs Lollielegs SA Posts: 16
1 4 Jul 2012
Every time my friends whip out his packet of jelly snakes, I get that horrid craving.
You all know the one, the one that longs for that beautiful feeling when you bite into a jelly, how initially your teeth sink quickly, then ever so slowly, the pressure grows and you pull to tighten the snake so that you can penetrate through its middle, then savour as with each continuous bite, your mouth salivates more, sending a wave of soft, yet intense artificial flavour around your entire mouth which only increases as you roll the slowly melting jelly with your tongue.

Why cant I find this in any vegan jelly?? Ive tried anything I can get my hands on, which admittedly is not a lot. Often, the consistency is somewhat jube-y or the packet has an overwhelming amount of orange and cherry flavours within it which are just so intense I find myself wearily throwing away half of the packet after offering them to EVERYONE around me with no takers. Ive found Biona Cola bottles to begin this textured feeling, but the flavour is too acidic and almost leave an unwelcome minty aftertaste.

Does anyone have any brand suggestions? Ninja vegan is a-ok as well but I'd love to hear about the vegan brands as well.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
2 4 Jul 2012
we're talking about confectionery? right??

they should be able to think of a different solidification/gelling agent than gelatin surely,
i'm guessing they are lazy and don't want to make money

also aren't home brand/black and gold snakes Vegan? someone.

hehehe, this is analogy:

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
4 5 Jul 2012