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The Science of Roadkill

How many will help animals... And how many AREN'T so kind?

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Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
1 29 Jul 2012
Video here:

"Mark Rober placed some rubber animals on the side of the road to see who would swerve out of their way to kill it:

He found out that 94 percent of drivers did what anyone in their sane mind would do: keep driving on their lane. Remember that the animals were on the road's shoulder, way outside their driving path. They didn't pose any danger whatsoever to the drivers' safety. On the other hand, six percent went out of the driving lane to run over the animals. Think about that: sixty out of one thousand drivers actually went out of their way to kill a living thing that didn't represent any danger to their lives—and risking their own lives in the process, no less. Six percent were just cruel because they could be.

And of that 6 percent? 89 percent of them drove SUVs."

AwareVeg AwareVeg QLD Posts: 37
2 29 Jul 2012
Re-test in QLD.
Watch that sky rocket with Cain-Toads.

Hopefully Humanity will open up faster and faster to protecting life.

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS QLD Posts: 54
3 29 Jul 2012
That's disgusting. My dad actually fully stopped his car last night when we saw a possum standing on the side of the road, just in case the little guy was about to run across. At least the majority of people left them alone.

Andrewxxx Andrewxxx VIC Posts: 272
4 30 Jul 2012
This is a pretty interesting video on roadkill

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 30 Jul 2012
lol what the crap, they mustn't be going fast... I feel nervy driving back from Melbs.
Maybe they can't handle their own nerves and the lack of control over the situation arising... so they act it out to ease their inner disconcerting.

It would be interesting seeing results of the remaining % who would swurve to avoid and maybe endanger themselves in the event.

Also after hitting, how many would 1. stop 2. kill the animal out of compassion/mercy 3.take the animal to a rescue organisation

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
6 31 Jul 2012
That video was pretty funny, but the results were disturbing... Someone I know has had people swerve and run over (already dead) animals, once they've seen that she was trying to get to them...

An interesting fact is that Tasmania is the road kill capital of the world.