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unknown problem with my dog/paralysed hind and forelegs...

Anyone experienced something similar??

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Marlie Marlie NSW Posts: 6
11 12 Oct 2012
We haven't had a true diagnosis as yet... the vet is suspecting it is a idiopathic neuropathy and has given us anti inflammatories and physio for her.  He said to wait a fortnight before thinking of the next step !!! ... she has lost the feeling again in her left leg but her neck is stronger and she can now hold up her head, she also has control of her bladder and bowls... painful to watch but we have to do it just in case she gets better sad what did your vet treat your pup with?

hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
12 21 Oct 2012
Sorry for the late response. Before my dog was properly diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis the vets and even specialists thought it was Idiopathic Polyneuropathy which i think is very similar to what you mentioned only that it might affect more than one nerve junction.. At the time that we thought he may have that we were told just to nurse him all day/night (turning him over on different sides of the body, making sure he goes to the toilet and eats etc as in many cases dogs will re-gain use of their limbs gradually over periods of generally up to 6 weeks. So during the period in which we thought he had this (about 10 days) he was improving quite well initially though unfortunately he suddenly worsened and begun to regurgitate pale liquid which is when we took him to see a neurologist and he was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis...

How is your dog going? Next time you see the vet i think it's definitely worth mentioning Myasthenia Gravis to see if the vet has considered if it might be that.... It's quite rare so regular vets almost hardly ever see cases of it so hardly suspect it.. I hope it's not Myasthenia Gravis, but if it is i think it's best that treatment starts right away, so look into discussing it with your vet!

Hope the situation has improved since your post... Keep positive and strong for your doggie! happy

Marlie Marlie NSW Posts: 6
13 12 Nov 2012
Hi, just thought I would let you know how we were going with our pup.  The vet placed the pup on prednisone which is a steriod and I though research found that infra red laser is great for immflamation of the nerves and luckily I have an infra red laser at my workplace.  So our pup went under the light twice a day and took her tablet 3 times a day over the course of 2 weeks she became stronger and stronger to the point now you wouldn't know she had been sick.  Although we dont know the cause we cross our fingers she doesn't become sick again sad.  I am sorry about your pup but thank you as reading your situation helped me through ours. bye

jenpayne jenpayne United States Posts: 1
14 9 Apr 2014
My sister in law is having same proble with her 6 mth old pit. He was fine a couple days ago. Then all of a sudden he was having problems wit one of his hind legs and limping.  The next morning it effected both front legs. She took him to vet. They checks him for everythhing including ticks... They found nothing. He is in so much pain. It is horrible.  He has 3 different meds he is on. 1 for pain, 1 is anti- inflammatory and and the othe is a sedation.  The joint in his left forearm is swollen. Anyone with any idea on what could cause this. The vet seems to think it is a growing pain.  Never heard of that on.  It just breaks my heart to hear him crying and so uncomfortable.

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