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unknown problem with my dog/paralysed hind and forelegs...

Anyone experienced something similar??

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hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
1 12 Aug 2012
On Saturday morning we first discovered that our miniature schnauzer had trouble with his hind legs (he walked towards me then sat down abruptly) so we took him straight into the emergency vet at 8am and they shaved him all over and about 4 people checked him thoroughly for a tick or physical proof that there was one (a crater), however found nothing. They then did a blood test and didn't find anything abnormal... So we left him there for observation and at about 3pm we took him home as they said that we should just continue to monitor his condition as he could still use his forelegs to support himself... However at about 7pm that night he could no longer support himself with his forelegs either and we took him straight back and they decided to give him the tick antiserum anyways just incase it was tick paralysis. He was in overnight and we went to see him this afternoon (Sunday) and he hasn't really responded to the serum if anything the vet thinks he is getting slightly worse.. So we ran another blood test and he had an x-ray but still nothing abnormal. So now the vet thinks that it may be a neurological problem... which is out of their league, so on Monday morning if he hasn't improved on his own accord (if it is a tick/spider bite) then we're taking him to see a specialist for further testing... sad

I'm just wondering if anybody on this forum has ever experienced something similar with their dog?? We are so confused as we don't really know what is wrong with him and the vets themselves even said that it is a mystery case! Meanwhile he is still alert and wags his tail it's just his limbs letting him down...

my friends have feathers my friends have feathers NSW Posts: 20
2 12 Aug 2012
I'd say check for ticks particularly in the ears, but as he's been so thoughly checked, and been given, I suppose it can't be.  I don't know if its relevant but a friends dog recently had a similar problem where the channel that the nerves go down in the spine was too small and kinda compressed so he lost movement.  I know he couldn't use his back legs not sure about his forelegs.  He had surgery to widen that channel and is now well on the mend.  However I am pretty sure that time was of the essence, I think it caused permenant damage if left untreated for too long, and it was expensive.  Anyway good luck tomorrow and I hope he's able to walk again soon.  Let us know how it goes.

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
3 13 Aug 2012
Just sending some Hugs hun  ... i am so sorry you are going through this.  love love love

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
4 13 Aug 2012
That actually sounds like a dry snake bite. One of our dogs suffered from a dry snake bite, had the same symptoms, and after a week or two he was able to walk again, but has never been quite the same in the head, major anxiety problems etc.
For your sake I'm hoping it's dry, otherwise your dog ought to be dead by now if it's a snake.

hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
5 29 Aug 2012
We ended up seeing a specialist 2 weeks ago who diagnosed him with idiopathic polyneuropathy, a peripheral nerve disorder of unknown cause (however has been linked to the consumption of raw chicken necks). The treatment for that is just high quality care until the temporary paralysis is over which we were doing (taking him to the toilet every 2 hours, hand feeding/drinking etc..) and after 3 days post diagnosis he regained use of his legs for a short amount of time and since then the time in which he can stand increases everyday, though he is still recovering..

Unfortunately, there appears to be another problem (just as we were gaining confidence that he was well on the mend!).. over the weekend he after dinner/after being excited that we came home he started to gag whilst producing a very unusual sound (like a roar/honk) as if he was gasping for air and this morning he had the same thing happen but also vomitted a foamy pale liquid.. it is really terrifying to watch as his eyes were full of panic and he became anxious, the episode lasted about 2-3 minutes of which he then acted like nothing had happened. So we took him to the vet yesterday who admitted that his case was getting to be beyond their league but that he could now have laryngeal paralysis (where the doors that open in the larynx to give access to oxygen is paralysed, decreasing blood oxygen levels) which can occur secondary to nerve disorders/be related to a lazy thyroid amongst other things.

So we have now booked an another appointment with a neurologist tomorrow to get a proper diagnosis and hopefully some answers as to what we can do to help our little man! sad

Just thought i'd give people an update incase they were interested/or if someone ever experiences something similar.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
6 29 Aug 2012
My old st.bernard dog had the same symptoms, she was taken to the vet for a tick search but nothing came up, she had a blood test and nothing came up, she had a X-ray and we found she had a brain tumour wich was causing her to loose control of her body, she was put on mediation and she was good for about 12 months - she sadly started to have fits and loose conscience every now and again so we decided to put her to sleep, she was also 11 turning 12 this year so she out lived the life exp. of 8 years for a large dog happy hope your dog doesn't have anything to serious

Marlie Marlie NSW Posts: 6
7 6 Oct 2012
How is everything going.... My mums 14 month old Maltese x shih tzu has the same thing only 6 days into her diagnosis sad did you use anti  inflammatries? Herbal medicines diet? How has your last trip to the vet? We have been told to feed her chicken necks and kangaroo! Bit of a contrast of what you had been told... So confusing

hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
8 8 Oct 2012
Since the last post we took him to a canine neurologist and he was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. It's a neuromuscular disease of unknown cause where the dogs own body destroys the receptors that are responsible for signal between the nerves and muscles causing a disruption in mobility.. The disease itself isn't fatal and can be successfully treated with medication 3 times a day however in some cases the muscles in the oesophagus/larynx can also be affected and sadly this was the case for our little one.. His body was unable to pass food/liquid down into the stomach properly so it would become trapped in his oesophagus pouch and when that was full it caused him to regurgitate that foamy liquid I described earlier.. And the risk with this secondary condition called Megaoesophagus is that they can aspirate (breath in) liquid/food into their lungs and contract Aspiration Pneumonia.. My little man was doing really well for a good 2 weeks on the medication and was fully able to walk and was 100% himself, but unfortunately one night he suddenly took a turn for the worse and he couldn't recover from the Pneumonia.. sad That was about 4 weeks ago and we are still so devastated.. sad

I really hope your mum's dog doesn't have what ours did.. What are the symptoms so far?

Marlie Marlie NSW Posts: 6
9 8 Oct 2012
Our pup has lost her back and front legs and no bladder control.. although over the past 2 days she has become stronger in one of her back legs.  She has a healthy appetite and drinks well but after eating and drinking she tends to burp for a little and then settles down but no frothy liquid comes out.  She is on anti inflammatories and we give her physio roughly every 2 hours.

I am so so so sorry about your little man sad the more I research about these things the more common they seem to be its mind boggling really.

hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
10 8 Oct 2012
What is vet treating it as/what do they think it may be? Could she have been bitten or ingested something poisonous? That can cause temporary paralysis.. Hope it's nothing too serious and that she recovers quickly.

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