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do it for the animals it's easy everyone can do it x

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-- -- NSW Posts: 83
1 20 Aug 2012
everybody can do this it's easy just wright on some paper a simple quote about animal cruelty like ( stop animal cruelty) or ( life is so precious don't abuse it, stop animal abuse) and put it in as many peoples letters boxes around your area as possible. it's hand made so more personal and people are more likely to read it. decorate and draw things on them to make them more appealing or keep it simple and in your face x that's my challenge for you all x

-- -- NSW Posts: 83
2 20 Aug 2012
I've done my entire suburb so far and am going to do the next challenge yourself to get the awareness out...

Debaybay Debaybay QLD Posts: 39
3 22 Aug 2012
That's a really cute idea. I like it