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New vegan anxieties.

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Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
11 29 Aug 2012
Isn't that the intention of 'Earthlings?'.

To convert people not that way inclined. Yet... I guess this takes people's emotions who are that way inclined, over the top into a helplessly useless anxiety.

You shouldn't feel this way. The graphic nature of the meaty horrors, shouldn't be real... or afflict any life. So don't subject yourself to those ideas, or there isn't much resolution.

Being Vegan should give you a greater energy, to have a grand influence on the world.
(not impact, because that insinuates an open cut mine)

Also being Human should mean we aren't susceptible to the cruelties of the Natural world. Is that not our culture and science, to cope and then transcend (with tech I suppose) exposure to violence or its' apparent necessity.

If we're going to deviate from nature, why not accept we are doing so and then... leave cruelty behind.

JessBrazil JessBrazil VIC Posts: 97
12 29 Aug 2012
Stewart said:
Hey, JessBrazil. Fellow Vegan here. I have a question and i apologize in advance if it triggers bad memories or images, or nightmares for you, but, have you seen Meet Your Meat narrated by Alec Baldwin? I watched that the night of the day i got my welcome membership pack from ALV. I was already aware of what happened in factory farms and such, but, i was literally shaking whilst and after watching it. The point i am getting across here is that, i know what you're going through.
No, I haven't seen it. Earthlings was one of the more painful documentaries I've watched. Along with The Cove.

JessBrazil JessBrazil VIC Posts: 97
13 29 Aug 2012
I just want to thank everyone for their responses.
It's really nice to be a part of a community that is so supportive. It really is comforting.

I've decided today after talking to some fellow vegans who have been through the same anxieties that I'm probably going to refrain from films and footage like that for now.
There are other ways I can educate myself without bringing myself to near mental breakdown.
I'm going to keep up on current event just by reading about them for now instead of watching them.

I'm a bit of a reader and doco fan, are there any non-graphic docos or books anyone can reccommend?
Here's a list of what I've already seen and read...
Forks over Knives
Fast Food Nation
Food Inc

About to watch:
A Delicate Balance
Got the Facts on Milk

Currently reading/about to read:
Fast Food Nation
The China Study
Skinny B*tch

Any other suggestions would be great happy

Anthony Anthony WA Posts: 216
14 30 Aug 2012
JessBrazil said:
I'm a bit of a reader and doco fan, are there any non-graphic docos or books anyone can reccommend?
"But You Kill Ants" is a pretty good little book with the answers to dozens of questions/arguments that people will throw at you about veganism/animal rights.

A lot of people froth over "Eating Animals" so you might want to read that (I don't think I "got it" on the same level as many other readers).

And just the last one off the top of my head is "Dominion" by Matt Scully - which has its critics in the animal rights world (haters gonna hate) but which is easy to read and interesting.

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
15 30 Aug 2012
Anthony said:
I hope it's nothing long-term or too serious!

I don't know what other people think, but IMO you'll get to a point where you won't need to watch the upsetting footage. I was like that for a long time - I'd seen what I needed to see, I knew what was happening. If something came on the news, or was on the internet - it wouldn't do me any good to watch it, it would just make me sick/sad.

Maybe wind it back a notch - don't force yourself to watch cruel footage. You've seen it before. Focus on knowing the facts and the arguments to go with the rage and passion that the footage gave you in the first place.

What do other people think though? Should we force ourselves to watch this stuff if we already know about it?
I agree with this completely. About 7 years ago now I first went Vegetarian after watching a PETA video campaigning against KFC. It showed footage of debeaking and many other horrible scenes as you can imagine.
I think vegans are the only people out there who don't need to watch these things. You know the truth. It's out there and you can point people in the right direction. If video's like these are making you so uncomfortable that you're having anxiety and panic attacks, for your own health don't watch them. Your not doing anyone any favours by watching footage of something that you're already against and are campaigning to end. It's ok not to watch. If you want to keep informed and up to date. Simply read articles or even headlines. There's really no need to stress yourself out.

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
16 30 Aug 2012
I suffer from really bad anxiety and i couldn't ever bear to watch footage like that. I'm vegan but i have never watched anything like earthlings or even meet your meet. I just couldn't handle it - i can't read adventure books without panic attacks! So instead i look up what happens commonly in factory farms, as i'm better able to handle words than images. And you don't have to have seen these videos to be a voice for animals - you can use the facts, and direct people to footage, even if you haven't seen it yourself. Don't feel pressured into watching disturbing footage if you're not comfortable with it. We all do the best we can happy

Vegan all the way Vegan all the way WA Posts: 44
17 30 Aug 2012
All the videos mentioned here made me feel really sick too. It's like a knife cutting through my heart  everytime I watched the videos. However I'd still watch any videos that carry recent stories - like the recent cruelty of pig farms in NSW. This is to keep me up to date so that I can share these stories to people I know. There are some amazing results of making people rethink about their food choices.

Truc Truc VIC Posts: 85
19 31 Aug 2012
A couple of years ago, I watched a video of a dog being thrown into a garbage truck, i couldn't stop crying it was so sad sad and its still in my head even after watching some parts of Earthlings..but on the other hand, I'm glad I changed one of my meat eating friends into a vegetarian.

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