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A gardener at my school cut of a tree snakes tail

What can I do?

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SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS QLD Posts: 54
1 30 Aug 2012
cry Okay, so - Yesterday after fourth period my friends took me to see the cute snake in our school since I love animals. As we were looking at the little guy (who was peacefully curled up in the crack of a wall) the gardener came along with these big snippers for cutting branches and I said"You're not going to kill it are you? " and he rudely replied "Well I can't with wittnesess can I" so I said " Well I will just stay here then" and said "You can't kill it, killing snakes is illegal" and he didn't say anything he kind of stood there. Then me and my friends standing there drew a crowd and before I knew, there were loads of people standing around and the gardener picked up a stick and started poking the snake really rough and trying to pull it out of the wall. I began to panic and I continued to repeat that it was illegal and that he couldnt kill it over and over and then he got the snippers around a section of its body and began to close them and I screamed and burst into tears and I yelled "f*** you! * and was like NO dont and I had to run away because I was crying so so so much and I ended up going to sick bay and calling my sister because I was crying so much I couldnt breathe and she had to come get me from school BUT before that the principle kind of lady thing from my school came to talk to me about stuff and she was all " yeah he went around it wrong blah blah" but they havnt done anything about it and today (i didnt go to school) but my sister came home from school and apparently he has cut its tail off and they are moving it instead of killing it. I know it will die because the section he had the snippers around was thick like it's body and I feel like they are lying and he killed it. I want this man fired, he was so rude. I said so many times that it is illegal and that they have snake catchers for this kind of thing and I even offered to pay and yet he ignored me and cut right into it with every intention of killing it. He knew it was wrong, I was NOT the only one saying stop. I feel like crying just talking about it, he was so horrible. What I want to know is, who can I report this to, how can I get justice ? it's not going to be the only snake in our school and I've heard (from my lil sis) that they sweep sick pigeons into the bin still alive. I need to do something. Even if its getting this man fired. Or getting a fine or something. Just the way he looked right at me, balling my eyes out and he didnt care.  sad

Sally-Jane Sally-Jane WA Posts: 36
2 30 Aug 2012
OMG thats terrible I can't believe he did that and with a crowd. I feel so sorry for you and hope that you get the justice that you and that poor animal so clearly deserve!!
My condolences to you, stay strong and remember that it's not your fault you couldn't have done anything differently

Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze ACT Posts: 31
3 30 Aug 2012
That is seriously so terrible, I'm sorry you had to see that. The gardner sounds like one of the worst people ever sad Maybe you should tell your principle how much his actions upset you, and the fact it is illegal. I'm sure you're not the only person who got upset by this so maybe if lots of people tell the principle about it he will get fired happy

Tigers are Awesome Tigers are Awesome WA Posts: 30
4 30 Aug 2012
Oh my god I am so sorry you had to witness that! I'm so sorry it even happened. I'm not sure what type of advice I can give you, but talking to your principal sounds like the best course of action. Don't worry you have people to support you  happy

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
5 30 Aug 2012
Good work for trying to get him to stop, that was brave! I think you should contact someone about this, maybe the RSPCA.

I think it would be worth talking to the principal about this again, and if she does nothing still, say you will contact the media - local newspapers, A Current Affairs, Today Tonight etc.
That should get her to do something.

cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
7 30 Aug 2012
was it a green tree snake or a brown tree snake?
green tree snakes I believe are not poisonous only the brown ones are.
can't believe someone would do such a thing especially in front of a crowd.
All snakes here in Australia are also protected species as they are endangered so if the snake in deed was killed the gardener could potentially get hit with a big fat fine.
I know this because someone my mother knows hubby killed a snake that he had found in their back yard with a garden rake. the snake catcher said to him " you are lucky that I didnt fine you as snakes are a protected species"

i do agree with the others saying speaking to the head mistress is a good idea.
oh and that is my ten cents worth.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
8 31 Aug 2012
Disgusting! Tell your principal he should be FIRED!

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS QLD Posts: 54
9 2 Sep 2012
clap clap GUYS! You should all be happy to know that; I reported my school and the gardener to the RSPCA to prevent anything like this happening again AND they replied the very next day saying they could send an ambulance for the snake, that they had lodged an official complaint and that they were going to send people out to my school! :') I am sooo happy with the RSPCA. I had read that they don't reply to complaints but they seem to have taken mine very seriously. I can't wait to see how this goes down on monday.  dance I'LL SHOW MY SCHOOL! THEY'LL NEVER KILL ANYTHING AGAIN. and as for that gardener, I hope he is fined and fired. Heh. I am so happy. Still sad about the snake but happy I did something for the lil guy/gal.

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
10 2 Sep 2012
Wow thats so good, you did so well!

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