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Decent vegan wines?

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Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
11 4 Sep 2012  love

Two bottles that actually say Suitable for Vegans - REDS: Pure Vision & Angove Organic

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
12 4 Sep 2012
Temple Bruer make vegan/organic wine, and it's moderately priced and well worth a try. If you can get hold of their Shiraz/Malbec, do so - it's a very nice drop. You'll find it with the organic wines in Dan Murphys, along with stacks of other vegan friendly reds and whites.

Nadine76 Nadine76 WA Posts: 63
13 4 Sep 2012
I drink...Yalumba Merlot...very nice and Vegan clap clap

Nadine76 Nadine76 WA Posts: 63
14 4 Sep 2012
Fish and egg..they use fish to ferment it..yuk

Teweesa! Teweesa! NSW Posts: 95
15 22 Oct 2012
Nadine76 said:
I drink...Yalumba Merlot...very nice and Vegan clap clap
The Yalumba Merlot is one of my favourite wines in the world! So tasty.

Also, the entire Yalumba Y Series is vegan friendly happy

EDIT: I just found a page on their website that has a list of all their vegan/vegetarian friendly wines. Go Yalumba!

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
16 26 Oct 2012
I found a really nice Shiraz Cabernet by Angove Organic Wines that is vegan. It even says "VEGAN FRIENDLY"on the label.

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
17 26 Oct 2012
I don't drink wine, but if I did, i'd get this: not only is it cruelty free when you buy you're supporting a wonderful animal sanctuary in Tassie. happy

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
18 4 Nov 2012
I drink yalumba and their other one oxford landing. Not all are vegan, i think the newer ones are and they state on label which is awesome!

Goodwill wines are great too and some funds go to charity.

Michellelynne Michellelynne QLD Posts: 6
19 5 Nov 2012
Thank you for the Yalumba links!!

Bondi Tom Bondi Tom WA Posts: 79
20 6 Nov 2012
Does anyone know and decent alcohol free vegan wines?

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