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Do you guys get sad for dogs dieing in movies, or in video games?

Not in real life

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Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian VIC Posts: 119
11 29 Nov 2014
je ne comprends pas said:
I cry all the time when I see animal abuse, death or even just sad moments (like in Red Dog) in films.

Video games it can be different. I don't get upset when I play Final Fantasy games for instance because all the animals are fictional, or most of them are at least. I was upset in Red Dead Redemption, when one of the challenges was to shoot rabbits. That really bothered me. I didn't cry, I was more angry about it being in the game.
sherwyn (my older brother) gets annoyed when i get sad when animals die or get hurt in movies and video games like in red dead redemption were he shot the vultures.
I don't get sad when humens die though.
because I HATE PEOPLE!!!

angry angry angry rolleyes

justdaisy justdaisy WA Posts: 74
12 2 Dec 2014
one of the saddest movies i have ever seen about a dog is RED DOG!!!!!!!!!!  cry

justdaisy justdaisy WA Posts: 74
13 2 Dec 2014
same we're so CRUEL!!!!

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