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Friends on facebook liking groups offensive/being rude to vegans/vegetarians

And posting pictures all over my wall/ over newsfeed

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AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
1 19 Sep 2012
Im just wondering if anyone else have seen them?
My friends like these photos on facebook, the one I just saw was a scene, all dead people around and a police officer and another man. The police officer says "did you kill all these people?" And the man says "they were not people" then close up to his face "they were vegans"
and so many more..
Does everyone else see these pics on facebook? Annoys me ao much. They purposely like them to show me, and post it all over the newsfeed..

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
2 19 Sep 2012
Nope...but if they bother you then you can always click 'hide' or report the photos if you find them offensive.

JessBrazil JessBrazil VIC Posts: 97
3 19 Sep 2012
No, but I get a few people purposely writing offensive comments on vegan post or photos I share. Which I find extremely disrespectful. Of course they are welcome to their beliefs, but I don't go around telling them they're an idiot or monster for eating animals so I kind of expect the same level of respect, although it rarely happens.
I'm actually trying to decide if I should delete these people or not as their insensitivity stops me from posting things for fear of them trying to start an argument.
My partner also deleted his account on facebook for this very reason.
If it's just things that they share and not comment they post on your posts, perhaps just hiding their posts from your newsfeed would be enough?

AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
4 19 Sep 2012
Yeah I do hide themm. But like every day theres more. So annoying.
And heaps of pics of animal abuse for "likes"

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
5 19 Sep 2012
Sad. I get a lot of this, not on my personal page but I get a lot of comments and pics on my Vegan Tas fan page. It's pathetic but the best thing to do is refuse to let it get to you. And remember that people are like this because they feel threatened. happy

IndiGirl IndiGirl QLD Posts: 35
6 19 Sep 2012
I don't get any of that, but then the friends I have on FB are far more mature than that.  If I had someone on my list deliberately doing that, I'd remove them.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
7 19 Sep 2012
I am not on facebook, but I have seen some very offensive images on a few pages relating to veganism.

JessBrazil JessBrazil VIC Posts: 97
9 20 Sep 2012
je ne comprends pas said:
A couple of "friends" on fb - friends by extension - purposely get involved in conversations I have about animal rights, not because they actually have any opinion on the matter; whether they actually agree or disagree, they get involved purposely to humiliate me by arguing against me (no matter what the issue) in front of my other friends. This then 'opens the door' to other friends who actually have opinions, and think that it's now okay to disrespect me because a couple of idiots have.
It's so annoying because I never leave rude comments or act all passive-aggressive towards them. They are extremely immature university tutors who make fun of their students and so on. For so long I have wanted to say something to them about being unprofessional but I don't. Yet, they apparently feel the need to be completely rude about things that they don't even care one way or another about.
I've wanted to delete them from my fb for ages but they are friends with my b/f. It's this annoying 'game' that goes on. If I delete them from my fb friends list then I come off as a bitch, and my b/f will likely be annoyed.
I swear this is almost identical to the issues I'm having at the moment.
Friends of friends add you and then feel like they can say whatever they want because they don't really know you.
I think some people think the internet gives them the right to be jerks.

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
10 20 Sep 2012
They are not your friends then

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