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Friends on facebook liking groups offensive/being rude to vegans/vegetarians

And posting pictures all over my wall/ over newsfeed

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AwareVeg AwareVeg QLD Posts: 37
11 21 Sep 2012
It's a problem we all face as it provokes the guilt in meat eaters.
"Oh shit, maybe we are doing something wrong".

Thus attacking our posts to justify what they are doing.

I actually wrote about it re Robot Chicken attacking Vegans/Vegetarians.

Just hit hide or delete their stupid comments.

Another thing, once you have made a few Vegan friends online/IRL, they will usually join in and protect you/your animal rights/vegan post.

Best of luck though, I really do hope they grow up and post more respectfully in time.

AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
12 22 Sep 2012
They are my best friends actually....

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
13 22 Sep 2012
AllyCat said:
They are my best friends actually....
Tell them that this was not a joke. It was insulting.

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