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High end vegan perfumes

Please help!

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Seraah Seraah SA Posts: 11
1 19 Sep 2012
I know there is another thread on vegan perfumes but it didn't really answer specifically what I'm looking for. I'm wondering what high end perfumes, the ones you buy in department stores like Myer and DJ's are cruelty free and/or vegan. If people know that they don't test on animals I am happy to email the companies to see if they also have a vegan perfume. The one I  use was victor & Rolf flower bomb, but now I know they test on animals I'm looking for a change. I've read some people saying Chanel and Dior have vegan perfumes, but I can't find anywhere that supports them not testing on animals. I would prefer to not get something online/unknown/cheap. I want a perfume for special occasions. What do you use? Please help!

cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
2 19 Sep 2012
abercrombie and fitch dont test on animals.
agatha ruiz de la prada
and prada are all vegan perfumes I have found on
hope this helps.
giorgio armani doesnt test any products on animals only on humans.

Justine3 Justine3 WA Posts: 6
3 1 Oct 2012
Arbonne vegan certified company full cosmetics and skin care range

Spacepeanut Spacepeanut QLD Posts: 120
4 2 Oct 2012
Though they aren't 'high end', have you tried any of the Lush fragrances? Some of them are just gorgeous. My favourite is 'Breath of God'. It's a unisex scent, really earthy, and though it smells good on me, it smells even better on my man.
In fact, I've written a novel (soon to be released), and since I went vegan part the way through the drafting process, I changed the lead male character's cologne from Rochas (they test on animals, boo!!!) to Breath of God. My mentality was that if the book took off, I didn't want to be selling an unethical product to my readers. Mind you, the lead female character is a barista and I couldn't change that without screwing the whole storyline, but still... who's to say her workplace doesn't only serve soy milk in their coffee? wink

Getting back on track -- do check out Lush if you haven't already. Most of their products are vegan, and they rock. happy

veganx veganx QLD Posts: 200
5 4 Oct 2012
l'occitane is your best bet. The citrus one and fluer are both really lovely.

Julesdss Julesdss NSW Posts: 1
6 9 Oct 2012
I'm on the same path and have found to be great info for cosmetic companies  that do or don't test on animals and unfortunately L'occitaine are on the DO test list!!! Along with so many others you'd think wouldn't. It also doesn't help that a lot of smaller companies are owned by big parent companies like L'oreal that also do test on animals!!!

MissM MissM QLD Posts: 2
7 17 Mar 2013
I realise the original post here was a while ago, but I am also looking for high end vegan perfume - so far without success.

What is concerning me, is when I read many beauty threads it's appears only 'tested on animals' is being used as the criteria for a beauty product to be vegan. Unfortunately it is not as simple as this, most products actually CONTAIN animal derived ingredients - so they are not vegan (even if they state "not tested on animals", and sometimes even "cruelty free").

Also, even if a brand/range has one/some particular vegan product/s, the fact their other products aren't vegan means we are still contributing directly to animal cruelty if we buy from them. The only way to guarantee not funding the cruelty, is to purchase from a completely Vegan company.

If anyone has found any good perfumes from 100% vegan companies, please can you post.

MissLiaMack MissLiaMack SA Posts: 53
8 17 Mar 2013
There's Lush, and Ecco Bella. other than that I'ld suggest buying essential oils and mixing your own fragrance.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
9 20 Aug 2013
Venustus have a frangipani & Tahiti spray perfume. Love the Tahitian one!

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo QLD Posts: 861
10 25 May 2014
Stella McCartney perfume- at david jones, MYER ect $100+

also see   to clarify that they dont test on animals at all happy

and yes she is related to animal rights activist and owner of linda mccartney vegan food range -  the daughter.

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