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7pm Project Live Animal Export

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z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
1 20 Sep 2012
who watched it, what did you think, who is extremely frustrated?

It's amazing how we can have overwhelming support and yet this still continues. What happened to democracy?

Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze ACT Posts: 31
2 21 Sep 2012
I didn't get to see it! sad But yes, there has been a lot of support to stop it, I hope it continues and the government listens to us. Do you happen to know if there is a link to the 7pm projects story on live export anywhere? thanks x

Anthony Anthony WA Posts: 216
3 21 Sep 2012
Here's a link to the segment from last night's show. It goes for about 5 minutes and is really worthwhile.

Check out the blog here for more info: