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Inside Bear Bile Farming

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thefutureisvegan thefutureisvegan NSW Posts: 13
1 8 Nov 2009
Something which really tears me apart is the barbaric and ignorant practice of Bear Bile farming. This trade is carried out in Vietnam, China and Korea, where bears are imprisoned in tiny "crush cages", have claws (sometime paws) removed and are starved so that they produce more bile.

The bile is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is exported all over the world.

To quote the maker of the movie "Earthlings", "We should not shield from our eyes what they must bear with their bodies.", so you can view some very sad images and a story here:

You can view a site with more information and plenty of tips for taking action here:

Here's a link to a page with Chinese consular details in Australia:

WSPA also work directly with officials in Vietnam, where they have now had this awful practice outlawed.

Cranky letters wont help. Informed approaches to your local Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and polite, informative, reasoned letters to your local Ambassador informing him/her of your concerns is a start. There's all the facts you need here:

This heart breaking trade will be hard to stamp out but it should not continue for one hour longer due to the inaction of people like us. People all over the world are crushed at the thought of this ongoing horror. Let's add our voice to theirs and speak up for these beautiful, magnificent friends who are trapped in a living hell for no reason.

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon VIC Posts: 291
2 8 Nov 2009
those images were so sad.
it nearly makes me cry to see those beautiful animals in tiny cages.
bears are gorgeous creatures.
to do sumthing like that is jst wrong.

*cries hysterically*

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me VIC Posts: 280
4 8 Nov 2009
its really sad looking at that but  when u look at the nest page where they are saved its a really good feeling

but u still know that there are bears that are in need of help still!!!!!!!!!

ChloeMB ChloeMB VIC Posts: 560
5 9 Nov 2009
not the sweet little innocent bears!
so sad

thefutureisvegan thefutureisvegan NSW Posts: 13
6 12 Nov 2009
"Traditional Chinese 'medicine' really is a horrific practice, they kill all kinds of animals for their purported medicinal benefits... I've seen dried tiger penis for sale in the China Town here in Adelaide. Supposedly a natural aphrodisiac or something."

The Traditional Chinese Medicine thing is so odd. The Daoists, who devised these systems were vegans with profound levels of sensitivity and developed the understanding of energy meridians in our bodies and managing the flow of energy to produce health of mind and body and a deeper awareness of self and connection with everything. They devised acupressure, acupuncture, Dao Yin (Daoist yoga) and Qigong (chee-kong) all of which are amazing and quite incredible given that this all happened around 2.5 to 3 thousand years ago.

The herbal/animal part medicine thing is much newer and clearly devised by dishonest, disconnected people who had little to do, in reality, with the wisdom and insights of the ancient daoists.

BTW: you should report anyone who claims to be selling "tiger penis".

Cait Cait NSW Posts: 38
7 24 Nov 2009
it makes me feel sick. all these poor bears are treated this way for ridiculous reasons!!