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Looking for Dolphin Ambassadors?

For Hector's/Maui Dolphins!

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Welsh Welsh VIC Posts: 61
1 21 Oct 2012
Hi all!

Currently I'm trying to help out the "Lets Face It!" Hector's and Maui dolphin campaign. They have a visual petition and are aiming to reach 5,500 signatures, however unfortunately they are falling a bit short on that target.

Basically their petition requires someone to upload a photo of themselves with a picture of a Hector's or Maui dolphin and submit it to the website here:

To help them reach their target, I'd like to go out to the streets and basically try and get people to pose for a photo with a picture of a Hector's or Maui dolphin (or the soft plushie dolphin that I have!), taken down their email address, and then submit it onto the site for them!

To make myself appear less threatening and more professional, I'd like to have someone help me out - any number of people will be great - to come onto the streets with me, basically help carry the posters, collect the email addresses of the people, so on and so forth.

Is anyone here willing to help out?

This will take place in Melbourne, Australia!

If you agree, we can get "official" t-shirts and I'll shout happy

I may forget to check back to this page, so if you're interested, please let me know by emailing me at:


you can message me on facebook (my account url is welsh12)

Welsh Welsh VIC Posts: 61
2 21 Oct 2012
Oh silly me! I should let you know what the issue is all about!

Basically, it's estimated that there are only 55 Maui dolphins left in the entire world. They're the smallest species of dolphin and are only found in New Zealand.
The NZ government has been extremely slack concerning protecting these little guys, and this petition aims to raise awareness as well as demand change from the government.
Such demands include changing the laws regarding boats and how fast they can go around cetaceans, reducing the amount of fishing in Maui dolphin habitats, etc.

So if you're interested, hmu!

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
3 22 Oct 2012
Do I get to be a Dolphin for a day or something? Because i'd totally be down for that.

I'd try rescue some people who were drowning ^_^