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Peaceable Kingdom

It got me thinking...

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Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
1 27 Oct 2012
So I watched the documentary called 'Peaceable Kingdom' and like most animal related documentaries it got me thinking and it made me cry. I took to my Facebook status to talk about what was on my mind in the hopes of anyone really understanding what I go through everyday. I highly doubt anyone will bother to read it, they never do, which frustrates me even more. But maybe one day, one person will listen to what I have to say. Anyway here is my status.

"After watching Peaceable Kingdom, I have come to the realisation that I have now watched 'Meet your Meat', 'Meat the Truth', 'Earthlings' and 'Fork over Knives' and 'Peaceable Kingdom'. But why? I watched all these documentaries while either vegetarian or vegan. I am not the one that needs convincing of the lies and deceit of an extremely harsh and cruel industry, I already knew and I will always know.

Watching each and everyone of these documentaries has brought pain and heart ache to me, I have wept and thought endlessly of ways to change the world after each and every one of them. Although already vegan, I am filled with new knowledge and touching stories with each of these documentaries, but where does it lead me?

No one will ever truly know the truth about the meat and dairy industry unless they are brave enough to open their minds. If it be only one documentary to change one's views, so that 51 billion animals worldwide don't die every year because of the lack of compassion in this world.

It is time we evolved past an era of cruelty, destruction and abuse of all beings. We realised slavery was wrong, we realised women deserved equal rights and we realised other cultures deserved equal rights, I believe this is a time where we need to realise all earthlings are equal and they do not deserve the pain and suffering we inflict on them for a mere meal satisfaction.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet". After watching Peaceable Kingdom, I was touched by the story of one gentlemen in particular. He grew up on a farm, he loved animals, waking up to crops, trees, sunshine and birds singing. All he wanted to do was create his own farm. But he couldn't create a business without knowledge, so he went to university to learn agribusiness, it was the university that taught him all the farming practices he undertook on his farm throughout the years. A university degree, the meat industry, the dairy industry, taught him to use pesticides, sprays, vaccines, antibiotics, feed lots, etc, etc.

He loved animals, he loved nature, but then he started to notice, the birds dying, the trees dying, his cows going lame, riddled with disease, the soil was no longer usable, all the nature was dying. His brother worked on the farm with him... His brother, a healthy, working man, died aged 29. He knew it was the pesticides and insecticides that killed his brother, then he himself went in to hospital after becoming paralyzed from the waist down. He was told he had a one in a million chance of ever walking again if the tumor was on outside of his spine, he did walk out of that hospital. That was his wake up call.

This man created a business based off information provided by people he we are supposed to trust and it killed almost everything he had. At this point in his life is a point in which he and I are similar though. He stumbled upon the truth and he had chosen to step away from eating animal products but coming out of hospital with this decision, he had no support. His friends worked for him, his community had not concept of veganism, a psychiatrist would not be able to support his views because even he was eating the very thing he is against and he had no idea how to tell his wife he needed to step away from their multimillion dollar business because of what it was doing to him, the environment and the animals.

Lastly Farm Sanctuary went to an egg factory farm that was hit by a tornado. This factory farm consisted of roughly 5 sheds filled with I believe 200,000 or so chickens per shed. 2 sheds were hit and the company left the chickens to fend for themselves, 500,000 chickens left for over a week, most still stuck in their cages. Crushed, hung upside down, trapped with dead and dying. The company didn't care about a single one of them because they were no longer profitable, so they brought in bulldozers and filled the trays full of still alive chickens, 100's of chickens and dumped them in garbage containers and left them to die. Farm Sanctuary could only save maybe 50 or so.

It is people like Farm Sanctuary that go out of their way to show compassion and love to all living creatures, they suffer heart break in doing so and the images are forever burned in their minds to save a living being from the meat and dairy industries. This is why I am constantly bitter and hurt when people call me an idiot, tell me I am wrong, say I am incorrect, joke about how they are eating a "tasty steak" because the truth is people like Farm Sanctuary suffer for us and they will never be able to get the images of ever lost, tortured, suffering, dying and dead soul out of their mind.

This is what is on my mind every day, it is not a joke to me, I have seen too many videos now because no one else will watch them. I continue to gain more and more knowledge about this industry and I know I people will still continue to call me a bad, mean, unhealthy and stupid person. But I am very healthy and I am not naive so I am all to aware of this industry and it breaks my heart every day to see people thinking of me as a joke and to pick on every little step I try to take in the hopes to help innocents beings.

I hope that one day, just one person will be compassionate enough to open their minds to my thoughts on theses issues and maybe even just watch one little video or even read one status."