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ForTheVoiceless ForTheVoiceless NSW Posts: 22
1 9 Nov 2012
She's getting a lot of positivity off this website.
Don't get me wrong it's fantastic that she refuses to wear fur and has gone veg, but how much of a role model can she really be when she is one of the many faces endorsing a company that tests on animals? I'm looking at you Covergirl.


noddysmiley noddysmiley SA Posts: 75
2 9 Nov 2012
You can say much the same thing for Ellen Degeneres I think. I'm still supportive of them being a role model because the majority of their audience doesn't even know what a vegan is without adding the extra confusion of animal testing.

I could be wrong, but if you're evolving into veganism in a stepwise manner sorting out your makeup bag is probably one of the later steps.

Velouria Velouria VIC Posts: 107
3 9 Nov 2012
You're right she probably does not technically practise the true vegan lifestyle if she's claiming to be one (just going by what you said, as I actually wasn't aware) and if she's endorsing such companies, which makes it rather hypocritical.  But I imagine it would be perhaps difficult to find a very well known famous celebrity who actually does live the true vegan lifestyle (especially a woman).  I think it is however a good introduction perhaps for people who look up to her and admire her, especially young folks, who may then consider looking into the whole vegetarism / vegan lifestyle because they admire them so much and are curious to find out what it's really all about.

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
4 9 Nov 2012
Yeah this got me annoyed too!
I do love Emily Deschanel from Bones though - not only is she vegan but she also stands up for it on her show by having ordered vegan ballet shoes from across the country for one shoot, and the other day was talking about how animals shouldnt be held captive on the show! Love her happy