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A Short Story


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Sally Jane Sally Jane United States Posts: 52
1 29 Nov 2012
I had to leave the egg. It was my time, my time to awaken, to be born, to live.

At first there was only struggle, the need to join the world, and the others. I could hear their voices from within my tiny, shelled world, quiet muffled voices that somehow felt right. I pecked and pushed, blind and unknowing, desperate to be ‘there’, to be ‘with’. Finally, my shell cracked open and there was air. I took a breath, then another, and another. Yes. Breath, life. I rested. I struggled. I rested again, and struggled again... The more I forced, the more there was of air and sound and light, until I pushed myself free from my shell and the world began.

There was light in that place, and warmth. Nest. The other’s voices all around me were so loud, and there were so many. Where was mother? Stand. Walk. I wobbled and stumbled across the ground towards the others. I wanted to be covered, snuggled, safe. I found another and rested against them, the sound of their heart and breath and calls was soothing after the shock of beginning. I called out until my eyes closed and I slept.

When I awoke, I was dry. The others were dry too, and soft to cuddle against. Some of the others were moving around the nest; I stood still. I could hear the others all around me, countless voices calling out. We waited.

Then the noises came. They were new sounds to me. Scraping, clunking, sounds. The others and I began to call loudly, enthusiastically. Mother? The sounds grew louder and my heart beat frantically, fluttering. Mother, I’m here. All at once there was movement and light. It was so bright. The ground moved from under me and I fell over into the others. Suddenly my world was huge and loud and bright and frightening. There were other creatures here, other things moving our nest. The thing’s faces loomed above. They looked at us, but they did not see us. I stopped calling then, and stood still, not understanding. Standing up was all I knew to do, so each time I fell, I stood. Everything around me was bright and moving and I tried to stay up.

Suddenly the nest tipped, and we were sliding. I fell into the soft feathers of the others in front of me, and more fell onto me, weighting me down. The things started raking us with their claws, spreading us out over the ground. We were scrambling over each other and across the new floor, trying to find a place to stand. There were so many of us. When I found a place I sat quietly - looking. I was moving along, the ground was moving forward underneath us, carrying us towards more of the things and lots of strange, shiny shapes.

Just as I had begun to calm down I saw more of the things moving along beside me. We were very close to the shiny shapes now, and everything was very noisy. They were clawing at the others, raking them and grabbing them… Throwing them. I watched as they were grabbed by wings, feathers and feet and flung into one of the huge, shiny mouths next to us. One of them grabbed me, tipping me, turning me. It all happened so quickly that just as soon as I realised the thing had me I was flung into one of the mouths. My head smacked against the side and then I knew pain.

I was falling, sliding… Then I landed on the moving ground once more. I was so confused, there was so much noise and light and everything was moving. The others and I were all calling mindlessly, but none of us knew to whom. There was no mother there.

My head hurt and I wanted to be back in the nest. There was a loud rasping sound ahead and the others were disappearing from the edge. I sat still and cried out. Mother. I’m hungry, I need you. As I got closer and closer to the edge the noise got louder and louder, until that was all there was. When I was nearly at the edge I saw, but I did not know. The ground fell away, and I was falling. I let out a cry. All at once my body was crushed and split and I ended.

I had to leave the egg. It was my time, my time to awaken, to be born, to live.


Ok, so for some reason my fingers felt like typing this out today. I just opened a word document and typed this all a minute ago. As you may or may not have gathered, it is the story of an egg chicken that was unfortunately born a boy. Reading over it, the writing style is weird. I think I was trying to write it from the perspective of the chick, his account of the life he had. It's really odd, so apologies if you have no idea what is going on (although, he didn't either to be fair).

Also, I am not sure of all the procedures of the chicken processing factory, I believe they also wash the chicks, but I don't know if they do that after they identify their sex or not. If anyone knows, I would be very interested to find out the facts.

Yeah, so as I said, it is a weird story, but it just came to me all of a sudden and I felt it had to be told.

Thanks. ashamed2

Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
2 29 Nov 2012
It's Awesome...


ForTheVoiceless ForTheVoiceless NSW Posts: 22
3 29 Nov 2012
Wow incredible! Mind if I share this on tumblr? I will most definitely credit you happy

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
4 30 Nov 2012
That's so good! Ok sad, but good. Well done!

Sally Jane Sally Jane United States Posts: 52
5 2 Dec 2012
Wow. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it.

ForTheVoiceless, of course you can post it on tumblr. Thank you for wanting to!