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Family not respecting your eating choices

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Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
11 7 Dec 2012
first time I made a Vegan dish with my mum was the first main time we cooked together, mostly I chopped stuff..

but anyway... she stashed a layer of ham at the bottom

I still think she is a f**k face for that.
I need reasons to trust people, not vice-versa.

Cooking for self is best! Knowing what you're eating and why it tastes good.

Madixoxoxo Madixoxoxo QLD Posts: 31
12 21 Jan 2013
Thanks for all the comments guys. I try to look after myself mainly now. Premake my dinners/lunches. It hasn't happened again, though there was an incident where I swear there was meat in the gravy again... but this person swears there wasn't. Not really a fan of gravy anymore cos I can't get the thought of there being meat/meaty taste in it. She knows now, and is fully aware of why I am not eating meat, and that I don't want anything to do with meat... so that's good. I just guess I felt so hard done by, and needed to vent on here but yes, most of you are right. It was very rude what she did. I'm still trying not to feel too guilty about the fact that there was meat products in my food... cos you're right... i had no idea. Cheers again.

13 23 Jan 2013
MadiLovesMerDer said:
So, someone close to me has been making me dinners for a while now. Last night I found out that ... when making roasts/roast veggies, they were using the drippings left in the pan to cook the veggies/gravy after. I had no idea about this. As I'd get home and it was already there to eat, and I assumed because they knew I was vegetarian to make separate gravy/veggies for me. I'd seen them make it for me in the past and they'd kept it all separate... so i don't know what changed. Perhaps it just got annoying to make something differently each time. I just felt so bad, and guilty because I'd been eating things with animal fat etc in them now for a few months without knowing it. I just assumed it was the flavour of the gravy which I know for a fact has no animal products in it at all. I also felt that they had disrespected my morals and beliefs by making it. They simply said "it hasn't killed you yet". I stated, it's not that I can't eat it. It's that I don't believe in killing an innocent animal for consumption. To me it's wrong. I didn't say anything else and took the food over to my partner's side of the house. Should I bring up the subject again just to make sure they get the point? Or, should I leave it. It's only with a roast that apparently they do this. No other food they make for me has animal drippings/pieces of meat in it. Just at a bit of a crossroads. This person is close to me and I don't want to offend them by seeming like I'm lecturing them or coming across ungrateful for the food they provide me when I'm too tired to cook for myself. Thoughts?
On my old account I posted about this.
I come from a  traditional Sicilian background so when my Nonno made me Veg Lasagnes he would hide meat between the cheese and meatsauce in the lasange. I don't even know how exactly it was meant to be veg. I managed to eat around it.
But eventually I brought my own food to his and just pop it in the microwave and say your trying to be extra healthy.

*You could explain to them how the gravy is against you and you appreciate everything they do cook  and just would like to add this to the list.
* You might just have to cook for yourself, its what I had to do at times.

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