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Vegan male hair products

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Bondi Tom Bondi Tom WA Posts: 79
1 29 Dec 2012
Does anyone know of some good vegan male hair products? Mainly wax or gels?
I currently use natures organics for shampoo and conditioner.

Anthony Anthony WA Posts: 216
2 29 Dec 2012
"Dirty Hair Styling Cream" from Lush. It keeps my hair in the same style I've had since Year 8 in high school.

Navo Navo VIC Posts: 59
3 30 Dec 2012
The brand "Giovanni" is very good. They have a lot of cruelty-free products, including gels and wax etc. I've seen their products stocked at health food and organic stores in Canberra, so it shouldn't be too difficult to track down where you are.