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Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
1 3 Jan 2013
please guys i know im going to sound like a pedantic bitch and all this is not earth shattering stuff but it really hurts peoples brains when sentences are typed in run on fashion as i am demonstrating now with no punctuation to break the clauses and ideas into smaller manageable chunks it kills me to type like this and hurts even more to read it and to be perfectly honest the abhorrent use or lack thereof of punctuation is one of the things that puts me off reading anything around here im sure that there are some great things being done and said but if we cant read it the message is lost.

Commas, full stops and apostrophes make the world a better place. Please use them!

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
2 3 Jan 2013
mate ur right are being pedantic..get over urself , if people choose not to use them really who cares , its whats being written which matters

Brettski Brettski VIC Posts: 53
3 3 Jan 2013
Op, the poor state or grammar and punctuation is the fault of the Australian education system. Just because some of the older contributors have the benefit of years of exposure to literature, doesn't mean we should get on our soap boxes.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
4 3 Jan 2013
There are a lot of young people on this site (shock horror, seeing as it's a youth-centred  website) who haven't yet grasped every little rule of punctuation yet.

So when you're lecturing 10 year olds on punctuation by mocking their writing style and using words you know they won't understand, I'd suggest that's not a huge help to anyone either.

AbigailandBrodie AbigailandBrodie NSW Posts: 114
5 3 Jan 2013
Hehe come on bud, yeah it can be harder to read when people don't use a lot of punctuation... but you know... we have to look at the bigger picture. Everyone on here, is on here for a good, positive reason... We don't need to pick at the little stuff, a tiny inconvenience for the greater good eh? happy

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
6 3 Jan 2013
Thank you! I find that reading anything on the Internet gives me a head ache! Because people are so hopeless when it comes to adequate punctuation, grammar and spelling! I understand that everyone makes mistakes, that's understandable - I do all the time! But, while sentences don't have to be perfect, they should at the very least be understandable!

If you're an angry vegan trying to get the message across, how do you expect anyone to ever take you seriously, when they can't even understand what you're writing!

Sorry folks, but I'm with Glen on this one.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
7 3 Jan 2013
I'm all for proper English as well but there's a non-condescending and educating way to get the message across to young people. I think it's great that people come here with so much passion and desire for change that their need to get their thoughts out creatively sometimes takes precedence over perfect grammar.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
8 3 Jan 2013
I agree completely. Not just this forum but the internet in general. I remember starting to learn basic grammar like when to use full stops and commas when I was in around year 1 at school (So around 6 years old?), so I don't think age is really a factor.
Of course not everyone is expected to use perfect grammar and spelling, and people do make mistakes, but at least getting the basics right means that people will be able to understand your point a lot easier happy
This comes to mind haha:

Deborah3 Deborah3 QLD Posts: 73
9 3 Jan 2013
i diddent notice any missing punctuation in your statement sorry not young just  illiterate    frog

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
10 3 Jan 2013
i really do think that there is more to worry about in this world than a couple of missed commors or fullstops.....come on people what are we really  here for, an english lesson or to get your opinions across to others and to learn from others.....bye for now

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