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Lobsters Feel Pain

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z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
1 18 Jan 2013
CHEFS may have to think twice before plunging live lobsters into a simmering pot. Scientists have proven that crabs and other crustaceans do feel pain.

Shore crabs given small electric shocks while hiding in dark shelters tried to escape being zapped again by opting to migrate to another hideout.

Lead researcher Professor Bob Elwood, of Queen's University Belfast, said in the report published in the Journal of Experimental Biology that "the experiments show it is likely they experience pain, rather than flinching."

Elwood told AFP it was impossible to prove beyond doubt that the animals feel pain, but the research results were "consistent" with pain and added: "Perhaps we should err on the side of caution".

He said that billions of prawns, crabs and lobster are caught or reared for human consumption every year and treated in "very extreme ways".

"Crabs have their claws torn off and the live crab is thrown back in the sea. Lobsters and prawns have the front half of the body torn off from the abdomen which is kept for the meat. The nervous system in the head and thorax is still functional an hour later."

The biologist said many people assumed that because crustaceans do not have a brain resembling that of vertebrate animals, they could not feel pain.

"Crustaceans are invertebrates and people do not care about invertebrates," he said.

"More consideration of the treatment of these animals is needed as a potentially very large problem is being ignored."

Animal rights organisation PETA claims that lobsters, which "like humans have a long childhood and an awkward adolescence," feel even more pain than humans would in similar situations.

Does this make you change your mind about eating crustaceans? Tell us below

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honk honk NSW Posts: 118
2 18 Jan 2013
A lesson in erring on the side of caution, from a man who electrocutes crabs.

Jokes aside, is the idea that crustaceans don't feel pain really what encourages people to boil them alive? I thought that was just an excuse like the one about fish not having nervous systems. Considering that method is used by chefs and gourmet assholes who also cook veal and foie gras, I'm not so sure this finding would do anything to stop them.

Riss Riss VIC Posts: 6
3 18 Jan 2013
This makes me so sad. Why does the hospotality industry, particularly 'fine dining' feel the need to be so damned cruel??  angry

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
4 18 Jan 2013
Riss said:
This makes me so sad. Why does the hospotality industry, particularly 'fine dining' feel the need to be so damned cruel??  angry
Same thing with veal and any meat that's "Gourmet."