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Veganism and Eating Disorders.

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veganforjustice veganforjustice QLD Posts: 3
1 10 Feb 2013
So I'm a recovering bulimic. I've lived with distorted eating since a young age and have beel dealing with my bulimia for about half a year. Online, I've noticed a lot of people saying that veganism is 'just restricting' and 'making your disorder worse'.

Before I transitioned into veganism, I was partially vegetarian. I never liked eating much meat, never ate much dairy (hated milk) and didn't consume much eggs. Ethically, I knew something was wrong. So when I was looking into myself during my recovering for my ED, I saw so much more inside of myself. I realised that the way I was living was wrong, health wise and ethically wise.

I want to strongly encourge other people with ED's to change their lifestyle, too, as I strongly believe it has made me physically and mentally a stronger being. I wanted to know other peoples opinions. Do you see a recovering ED person restricting if on a plant based diet? Even though there are literally millions of options for vegans out there - do you see it as another way to harness their negative behaviours?

Myself personally - I have not restricted/binged/purged since being vegan. I regocnise that this is my individual experience and everyone else will have a different experience. All opinions will be taken on board happy

Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
2 10 Feb 2013
Unprocessed vegan foods seem like they have less nutrients, carbs, etc in them, compared to animal products.
I suppose it would help people with eating disorders (that restricts the amount of food they eat) eat more, as it wouldn't seem such a big leap than to eating animal products. Also animals products and processed foods are associated with weight gain.
Although never having an eating disorder myself, nor specializing in the study of it, so my opinion isn't that valid.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
3 10 Feb 2013
veganforjustice said:
So I'm a recovering bulimic. I've lived with distorted eating since a young age and have beel dealing with my bulimia for about half a year. Online, I've noticed a lot of people saying that veganism is 'just restricting' and 'making your disorder worse'.
That claim is probably based of that many people with eating disorders make themselves vegan to mask the fact that they have an eating problem. If you are not restricting, you are fine.

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
4 10 Feb 2013
I've recovered from anorexia on a vegan diet, and it isn't an eating disorder behaviour in disguise. It's different for everybody - and to say that all people recovering from EDs shouldn't be vegan is incorrect. The only way to know is by judging it for yourself. Weigh up the positives and negatives - how it has made you feel, your ethics, whether it feeds unhealthy thoughts and obsessions, the fact that you haven't binged/purged or restricted since being vegan - and then make the choice for yourself.

Wishing you all the best in recovery and beyond happy

honk honk NSW Posts: 118
5 10 Feb 2013
Someone I know has recovered from bulimia (in fact you sound just like her). She also is vegan now and very healthy. Her recovery was done while transitioning to veganism and she did tell me that bulimia was the only reason she wasn't vegan for a long time. I saw a documentary in which a girl suffering from an eating disorder went into rehab and the rehab forced her to eat meat and dairy (if I recall correctly there was at least one animal product in every meal, too). It wasn't even about weight gain, they just kept telling her that veganism was restriction and they would refuse to enable her disorder by letting her stay vegan. That angered me, but to be fair, that particular girl did seem like she might be using veganism as an excuse. It clearly depends on the individual. Even if people tell you veganism is restriction, that obviously isn't the case for you. If you feel healthy (mentally and physically) on a vegan diet that's great, and I suppose you'll just have to be secure enough in your decision to handle people telling you otherwise, which it sounds like you already are.

Good luck with your recovery! I know getting through an eating disorder isn't easy and wish you the best. happy

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
6 10 Feb 2013
I really understand where you're coming from. I was diagnosed with anorexia two years ago, about a year after I had become vegan. Being only 15 at the time, I was forced by my therapist to go back to a vegetarian diet. It was so impossibly hard, but probably the best thing to do. It is so much harder to meet calorie and nutrition goals on a vegan diet, especially since all weight gain supplements are dairy based.
After two years of recovery and almost complete weight restoration I've been allowed to return to a vegan diet. Even though i'd never admit it out loud, a voice in my head said "think how much weight you can lose".
I guess its hard to determine whether its your ethical conscience or your eating disorder telling you to avoid animal products.  I can think of veganism as a positive reason to recover. If I don't lose weight I'm allowed to stay vegan. I can redirect my slightly obsessive eating habits towards avoiding animal products, rather than trans fats or added sugars.
At the end of the day however, if your health is at stake, just eat whatever you need to get better. When you are recovered, you will have your whole life ahead of you to make a stand for animal rights.
Stay healthy and safe love I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to. xox

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
7 11 Feb 2013
totally agree Justice with what you are pushing, it is worth making that step... simply trusting that YOU KNOW the right course of action and you know you don't like the way you are with eating.

I never enjoyed eating, it has always been a huge obligation for me.

being Vegan... looking for substitutes, all which suited my ethical standards...
was enlightening.

I could actually say for the first time, I enjoyed food. Or I felt humbled by something I had eaten. that is a huge step up from taking displeasure in it and avoiding the necessity as much as I could. getting by on bare minimum for speculated output energy needed to deal with a day.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
8 11 Feb 2013
P.S. And I think the only disorder here, are the Social Standards, for what is normal and acceptable to put in your freaking mouth. Why should someone have to be unusual, just to not exemplify forking Ignorant Morbidity aka "NORMALity".

[pretent spoiler bbcode works]

"Oh be realistic, the Meat Industry has to stash the evidence anywhere it can." Just happens to be in ALL people indiscriminately. That way... who holds the responsibility when a whole civilization of people are made guilty, for participating in the Crime against Animal Rights. Though the knowing are Guilty of crimes against Human Rights.

"We didn't have a Vegan label on our product"... neither do they usually ever list all sources and compounds used in the process. Companies must be forced to specify their products are not-Vegan. The only reason they do not do this, is because making the ethical choice easier to act out WILL cost them business. Because people care... so it is just a huge shadow war of pretend, concealing the truth from the uninformed.

Labeling Vegan Certified is great, but these companies making economical decisions by cutting moral and ethical boundaries to churn out their fugly product, should be held accountable. Not the companies that invest greatly into a Quality product with Love, Devotion and care. Why should they be forced to pay for branding gimmicks.

It is about quality control, if there are implications for not labeling your product with 'Not-Vegan' then manufacturers are forced to find out what is actually in their products, if they want to sell them in a Ethically straight market place, not the current one which is bent.

Another example... in this ineffectual country, which is apparently ahead of the game.
Organic Companies Must Pay To Label their Produce Not Genetically Modified, as it requires a certification process. GMO-FREE is NATURE for fark sake.

No! All companies GENETICALLY F**KING with plants and animals, MUST BE FORCED TO REVEAL THEMSELVES. They must be forced to label the truth on their food. Currently no company must list Genetically Tampered ingredients at all.

How does that make any sense. Do they even need a Science Degree to do this stuff?
Are there even regulations on tampering with ingredients that people will then be eating, or are we just a research batch of humans? That can be conducted upon like any other poor Animal?

Natural food.. is natural and food because we can eat the stuff and live off it. People who change this, must write on their packaging what they have done exactly.

If it is such a secret and all they are required to write is ambiguous claims of how delicious their take on Soylent Green is. Then why does society need people employed to play the righteous political game, the ethical moral stand point to them is simply what abuse people will take before they lash back. That is pretty messed up. THAT IS A DISORDER. Enough to make any body sick.. if they care enough.

And that is precisely what self-conscious people do best. Care. I was about to say 'Hyper-Sensitive' but that is simply comparative to the entirely numbed, indifferent, blas, apathic 'realists' of today. The Hyper-Sensitive are simply the vulnerable, in an age where the pure must label themselves and the rest can spend as much income as they want hiding behind industries of concealment. Advertising, Packaging, Content Cloaking With Enhancers Which Hold NO Nutrient Value (blocking the minds ability to act upon instinct, about what it is consuming), The Masquerade of Actors Playing the Role Out of Happy People.

They are allowed to push these themes in cinema, buying out music identities, whole ideologies can be defaced and rebranded. Simply to conceal the truth. You are buying and consuming waste material. Loveless Endorphins. Products purposefully design to be just the right size NOT to satisfy your addiction. Adverts designed to be so stupid, you must keep them in mind, to make sense of your life and why you just wasted those moments of attention. It simply leaves you wanting and lacking... who cares if you don't actually know whether they were selling a toaster, a car, a drink, your virginity, a concert ticket, a facial expression, a song, a bank loan.

Clarity, look at this world. How does it work, then simply ask.. why doesn't it work. Ever.
How can people live without purpose, how do they do it. Because they must be forced into doing what they love? Because the state of the Cities makes anyone associated to them feel undeserving of being real and having greater purpose than the next person?

90% of this society ("economy and jobs") is a running maintenance cost of infrastructure, ruins and compounded mistake upon mistake. How can an industry that cannot STOP (without making those who created it by working there their whole life homeless), be an asset or a success? How come we can't stop making Cars, we don't have enough?
2% is inventing and impacting. Depending which way you look at it, the top percent are either the starving artists of the Socialite Pioneers ~ Pseudo Money Magicians. But have greatest influence yet in polarity to one another.

Every other Bastard is simply buying their Soul away for shares/stakes in 'the Dream'.

"You too can be an artist, buy this camera/press this button... the meta-data is setup to take the 'perfect' photo in ideal situations." They couldn't make that statement if to realize the ideal circumstance is experimental creativity. Art is made with a camera more when it fails at its' job then when it excels. All the other times it is simply excelling at capturing external Art, not Creating it.

[/pretent spoiler bbcode works]

And so... forgetting all of the bad. Making the distinction and then changing the way you are fed and turning it into the way you are, live and be. Is ever rewarding, like finding parts of yourself again. Imagine what it would be like for all your parts to be pure again. That is worth rejuvenating the world, gaining a reviviscent future.

veganforjustice veganforjustice QLD Posts: 3
9 11 Feb 2013
Thank you everyone for your opinions! It was great to get outsiders opinions. A lot have people have been telling me that I'm only vegan because I want to restrict, but they just don't get it.

le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
10 11 Feb 2013
I think it's different for everyone - I'm vegan and have recovered from an eating disorder... my recovery wasn't inhibited by my lifestyle. That being said - I think some people convert to veganism during the recovery process (especially if forced into recover) as a way to avoid food groups that may deemed ~scary~. In that case, I don't believe that the switch to veganism should be encouraged.

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