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Goodbye nuttalex hello macro soy spread

I'm making the change !!!

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Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
1 16 Feb 2013
So I'm not sure if this is on here already but it has been confirmed by a lovely lady who has been emailing woolworths back and forth now for two months that yes macro soy spread is not just vegan it's completely palm oil free!!!!  I'm heading to the shops to buy it today , no more nuttalex in this house. I do not believe in sustainable palm oil.

Anywhoooo super great news if its something that interests you and perhaps u too could not stand the omega one happy

Love to all and have a great weekend! Xo

Sez Cat Sez Cat VIC Posts: 27
2 16 Feb 2013
Thanks for the news. I don't use spread often as I have to go to a specialist store for Melrose brand. it was the only one I knew that was palm oil free after finding out Nuttlux isn't. This will be great for making yummy cakes happy

noddysmiley noddysmiley SA Posts: 75
3 17 Feb 2013
Ooooohhhhhh! I will have to try that. Darn palm oil!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 18 Feb 2013
Oh I was interested in trying this but wasn't sure whether the Vitamin D was from animal sources.
How does the taste compare to nuttelex? Also can it be used for baking?

Ariadne Ariadne SA Posts: 148
5 18 Feb 2013
I wish companies had to plainly state when they use palm oil, "mixed vegetable oil" is so misleading. Technically, it's actually derived from a fruit so they're both obscuring the actual content and it's origins from consumers!

Navo Navo VIC Posts: 59
6 20 Feb 2013
Awesome news! Thanks for the tip!

Jordanfun Jordanfun WA Posts: 79
7 20 Feb 2013
I have found it tastes a bit like soy milk. At first i wasn't too keen on it but it grew on me. I recently tried Nuttelex again and now I think I prefer the Soy Spread

dtwmstewart dtwmstewart WA Posts: 1
8 11 Mar 2013
Macro free from range is good but I think you will find that it is made from GMO....which is rather unfortunate.