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Hunting in NSW National Parks

No more silence.

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MrIdentical MrIdentical QLD Posts: 124
1 28 Feb 2013
Guys, as we speak the NSW state government is working to allow hunting in national parks.

The introduction of it has been delayed until June, but this only means that we have a little extra time to turn the tide.

I don't need to explain to you all why this is a dreadful thing, but for the sake of it let's just say that we don't need a hunting culture in Australia like they have in America. Hunting = guns = death.

I live in 'pigging country' where these sick bastards don't even use guns, but employ knives, spears and crossbows. It's no longer about removing an invasive species and is now about glorified slaughter.

Not only do they slaughter these pigs painfully (a lot of the time they botch it and the pig is alive for up to an hour after being assaulted) but they train dogs to do their cruelty for them. There is a large chance that these dogs will be skewered by the pig's tusks and each pigger will routinely lose dogs.

There is no need to loose this kind of cruelty in National Parks - whether it be against "feral species" or native fauna.

Animals aside, hunting is also a MASSIVE safety risk - how many people in the US have been shot because they were "mistaken for deer".

It is vitally important that each person contact the NSW premier NOW, here are his details:

As always, postal creates a bigger impact, and I STRONGLY urge people to take the five minutes and fifty cents it takes to print and stamp a letter:

Barry O'Farrell, MP
GPO Box 5341

But if you don't have the time, here are his email addresses:


Butterfree Butterfree WA Posts: 64
2 28 Feb 2013
That is DISGUSTING. How is this even being thought of?! I will for sure send a letter!  angry

Ariadne Ariadne SA Posts: 148
3 1 Mar 2013
This organisation has a letter you can sign off and send too.

MrIdentical MrIdentical QLD Posts: 124
4 1 Mar 2013
Thanks Ariadne!