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Cruelty free vegan hair dyes?

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Daft_Punk Daft_Punk SA Posts: 139
1 5 Mar 2013
Basic colours like platinum blonde should be easy to find. But what I'm particularly looking for are bright blue and hot pink that doesn't fade to a different icky colour. Recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
2 5 Mar 2013
Manic Panic but all colours like this will fade. Best idea - don't wash with shampoo for 1st week & get used to regular colour upkeep.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
3 5 Mar 2013
Special effects dye is awesome. Used with a good colour safe shampoo + conditioner it can stay bright for months.

ZoZombify ZoZombify QLD Posts: 20
4 6 Mar 2013
All of these brands are supposed to be vegan happy
- LaRiche Directions
- Manic Panic
- Special Effects
- Splat
- Crazy Color

Cupcake Cupcake SA Posts: 46
5 6 Mar 2013
Paul Mitchell's hot pink is vegan wink

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
6 6 Mar 2013
de lorenzo has these colours too i think

ToniVegeroni ToniVegeroni ACT Posts: 1
7 7 Mar 2013
Wow, where can you purchase all of these brands? I have not seen them in the shops. happy

Daft_Punk Daft_Punk SA Posts: 139
8 7 Mar 2013
Thanks for all your replies! happy

ToniVegeroni said:
Wow, where can you purchase all of these brands? I have not seen them in the shops. happy
Many of them can be found online. Manic Panic has their own website, so does La Riche, although La Riche's Directions hair dye are best bought on eBay (you can only order in bulk on their official website).

I've decided on going with Directions, since they have the colours I want. Now I'm looking into a bleach/peroxide (since I have black hair).