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Environmental Sustainability- uni assignment

Primary Education

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EmmaG89 EmmaG89 NSW Posts: 86
1 11 Mar 2013
Hi everyone!

I am trying to think of a specific animal related environmental sustainability issue that I can write an Inquiry based lesson on for uni. It has to be relevant to my region, and primary aged students have to be able to collect empirical evidence about it. We have a huge Biada here, as well as alot of dairy farms. (I'm in rural NSW). Could have something to do with biodiversity also.

I like to make as many of my assignments as relevant to veganism as possible, without being pushy.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
2 11 Mar 2013
I have no actual information or statistics on hand but really love what you're doing! I wish I learned the truth about animal industries when I was younger. Well done!

EmmaG89 EmmaG89 NSW Posts: 86
3 11 Mar 2013
Because of where I live I have a really unique opportunity to expose children to the truth about where their food comes from. Last year I took a K-6 class on a trip to AgQuip (an agricultural field day) and when they asked what the cows do, I told them. I took them to an angus and said this is what goes in a McDonalds angus burger, and took them to the sheep and said this is where lamb comes from. Because of their age I didn't go into all the gore and guts (some of the kids were farm kids, so they did it for me), but I did confirm that this cow was going to have to die because people wanted to eat burgers that have cow in them. They asked a few more questions like "Well what's on a burger if meat isn't?" etc but I don't know how much sunk in, but I can at least say I told them, and I put a face to their food.

Aaaannnd I got no complaints from parents!

I'm an educator. Therefore I educate. I refuse to lie to children.

I'm thinking something about free range eggs vs non. That way the kids can take a survey about what they buy at home etc. More vegetarian than vegan, but it's better than nothing! Do some cooking with egg and without, see if they can tell the difference etc. Just have to tie it to environmental sustainability though..

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
4 11 Mar 2013
That's so great. Really parents (although I'm sure they are all very opinionated with this topic) have nothing to complain about. You are just telling the truth! So much is covered up that kids have no idea what the truth is. I think all school age kids should be faced with slaughterhouses, dairy farms and egg farms. It wasn't until relatively recently that I myself found out the truth. No one ever talked about it. Always the same statement. "It's good for us therefore we consume it.."

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
5 11 Mar 2013
If this helps, cows are one of the most un-enviromental animals in the food industry. In America, almost half our prairie has been stripped of plants and wildlife by cows and it cant grow back because of the cow's eating habits and their stools not being compatible with the Earth's recycling cycle (Cow feces don't decompose in these environments). Their...err, gas also contains a large amount of methane contributing to global warming.

Bright eyes33 Bright eyes33 NSW Posts: 64
6 3 Apr 2013
Hey im studying ENVS as well, does the project have to be on recent issues? or to do with a specific market?
Because some ideas are the introduction of rabbits and foxes for game hunting by european settlers and how they have proven detrimental to the environment and thus un-sustainable. Also the introduction and mass-production of cows and sheep, the land degradation and ozone depleting emissions from them. Some other ideas include the un-sustainable practices of over fishing and how the numbers of fish off the coasts are dwindling?

hope i helped and not made it worse lol