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My latest irk

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MrIdentical MrIdentical QLD Posts: 124
1 16 Apr 2013
I'm back! Kinda tongue

I've been doing a bit of research on the economic impact of disposable razor blades lately, and it's a bit shocking.

America dumps around 1 bil tonnes of disposable razor blades every year. I haven't had any luck getting a figure for Australia but it is surely considerable.

Most of these blades end up in landfills, the amount of steel being wasted here is unbelievable.

There have even been instances of landfill workers cutting themselves open on these razor blades, and there is a potential for HIV infection though again I haven't found any statistics on this.

I've been using an electric razor for some time now but I'm not really satisfied with the shave it gives me, so I'm going back to the Straight Razor and I think all the fellas on this site should too. Though I do see a few beards haha

I used one for a few years and they are an excellent shave. Most of what we hear about them is false, and actually comes from propaganda created by Gillette in the 20's to convince people to switch to the "safety" razor.

When I bought my strop I got a cheap straightie for free with it, which had a good edge on it but just didn't have the quality my other razor had, so I used it in the kitchen.

You can get a deep cut with the straight razor, but you have to actually try, it won't happen accidentally. While you're learning, there's always the chance that you'll cut yourself but these are very fine cuts, and a styptic pencil will make them disappear totally.

Anyway, </end_rant>

MissLiaMack MissLiaMack SA Posts: 53
2 17 Apr 2013
I have a double edge razor which I bought of a mens razor website. Stainless steel, one blade can last me a month plus I got a $10 sample of around 50 blades, works out to be 5 cents per blade - pretty good! Minimises waste. Just be careful how you dispose of them.