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Jelly from easyway

no gelatine

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lyds lyds NSW Posts: 300
1 20 Apr 2013

I know this has been a constant problem with vegie heads out there,
i have been trying to figure out if the jelly's are gelatine free or not and i went into a city store and saw they had the jelly containers out so i asked if i could have a look at the ingredients on the bottle, no gelatine.

I am not sure if they are vegan or not all i know is that the red colouring wasnt 120 and that it didn't contain gelatine.

I can't find the photo i took but i will be going back to get one

Emily98 Emily98 WA Posts: 16
2 20 Apr 2013
Hi Lyds,

I don't know about the EasyWay Jelly, although, I do know that the jelly from Just Wholefoods is totally vegan, natural and tastes delicious! It also sets waayyy faster than regular jelly, mine took 25 minutes.  happy
I purchased mine from the PAWS Store in Perth, though I'm sure they'd send it from one state to another.

Hope this helps!  beaverhug peace_out monkey pig

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
3 21 Apr 2013
^ Easyway is a drink chain, they sell bubble tea with toppings, including pieces of jelly.

Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
4 23 Apr 2013
I'd love to know the answer too....