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My foster puppy needs help

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Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
1 9 May 2013
Hi guys,

I posted a topic recently about raising funds to volunteer in South Africa but things have changed since. I have a foster puppy who is in need of rather expensive vet treatment. So I am ditching the trip to help her get better.

I currently have a foster puppy in my care named Trixie (I call her Nugget). Nugget is a 7 month old Staffy x Kelpie but she is still very small. Nugget has not grown much over her life and she has had various issues that we have been working tirelessly to figure out.

Recently, Nugget has been admitted to the vets for an exploratory surgery to discover what is wrong with her. The issue is her liver and they believe she has what is called a "liver shunt". Before puppies are born, their liver does not work and their mum does all the liver work for them. When they are born, the shunt is supposed to close, so they can fully function on their own. Unfortunately, in Nugget's case, this appears to have not happened.

If the diagnosis is correct, she will need to go to the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia for surgery. A procedure like this will cost roughly anywhere from $2000AUD to $5000AUD. Animal Rights and Rescue are a non profit organisation and I would love to help Nugget as much as I can. She has fought this long to get through life and I want to see her have the best shot she can.

Nugget has already had to undergo several blood tests, xrays, an exploratory surgery and a blood transfusion. She also needs a special diet, that is very expensive. I would like to reach a goal of $4000AUD to help Nugget get through this.

I will continually update this page to let everyone know what the vets have discovered, recommended and what treatment she will be receiving.

Thank you to everyone who would like to make a donation. All is greatly appreciated as Nugget is a one of a kind dog with the cutest little bark, the funniest walk and the most adorable snore as she sleeps. happy

Our cat has also adopted her as her own baby and often grooms her and lets Nugget sleep with her. I would love to see her watch her "baby" grow up. happy

If you would like to donate to little Nuggie, here is the link to the fund site:

Thank you everyone,

Lani happy

Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
3 13 May 2013
Little Nugget's biopsy results have returned. She does indeed have what is called a liver shunt. She will need to travel to the Gold Coast for further tests to determine where the shunt is located. From there, she will hopefully be admitted for surgery. This is all very expensive and the rescue centre that I foster her from will need all the help they can get.

Please, if you can donate, that would be greatly appreciated. If you can share her fund site where ever possible that would also be of great help. happy


Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
4 17 May 2013
Hi guys,

Update on little Nugget.
She is going to be on my local NBN news tonight and my local paper tomorrow. Her fund site has raised $455 so far and a fitness centre gave her $1000. Woo!

We need all the support we can get though. So anyone able to donate, please do.

Thanks everyone.  happy

Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
6 17 May 2013
News link is up -


The newspaper should post her story online shortly after the newspaper is released, so I will post a copy of that link too. ecstatic

So excited, she is getting the much needed attention she deserves. ecstatic

Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
7 20 May 2013