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Vegan tattoo!


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rhi jenkins rhi jenkins TAS Posts: 82
1 14 May 2013
Hey!! I am going to Melbourne next week and im planning on getting a Tattoo! I am going to Down to earth tattoo's as they use vegan ink and i am told that they are vegan and animal rights advocates. i want to get an animal rights/ vegan style tattoo but im not sure what to get! I know that they will help me design something when I meet with them- and I have a few ideas. but does anybody have any ideas? or does anyone have animal/ vegan style tattoos that they could share with me for inspiration?? thankyou in advance!! xx rhi love

Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
2 14 May 2013
I don't have any vegan tattoos but I have a bunch of random animals and Invader Zim, plus my entire back, one piece of advice GO BIGGER than you first wanted, you will be happier in the long run with a bigger piece happy

Maybe a banner with Vegan written inside and an animal behind it, the date you went vegan? or a famous quote which sums up why you went vegan

EmmaG89 EmmaG89 NSW Posts: 86
3 14 May 2013
I'm going to get a dinosaur with Herbivore written underneath it on my ribs. When  get the cash and find the perfect dinosaur lol

steve2 steve2 NSW Posts: 29
4 15 May 2013

rhi jenkins rhi jenkins TAS Posts: 82
5 15 May 2013
Thankyouuuu so much guys!!! I have decided on what I am getting! I am now thinking I am going to get the silhouettes of 4 animals along the back of my shoulder- the 4 animals/ causes that I am most passionate about - a chicken and pig- factory farming + slaughter, a cow- dairy and beef sad and a horse- as I hate horse racing and in memory of Deposer and the other horses that are slaughtered every year who I can not save. then I am thinking of getting vegan written underneath it love  love

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
7 16 May 2013
steve2 said:
I'm getting "V 269 Life" on my inside left forearm.

rhi jenkins rhi jenkins TAS Posts: 82
8 20 May 2013
Animalistic Whispering. said:
Great choice upon going to Down To Earth as I shall be doing the same when I get there in September. A very pasionate, creative idea and be sure to post pics.
I'm a massive Comic book fan, as you can tell by my display pic and so I'm getting a very awesome Tattoo in September. Then a Vegan one later one.
Again, congratulations and let us know how it goes dance beaverhug clap thumb
thankyou!!! and yes I will post pics for sure!! your tattoo sounds like it will be awesome! how exciting  broccoli broccoli

The British Aussie The British Aussie SA Posts: 212
10 27 May 2013
Your tattoo is brilliant!!

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