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Rosie Wolf Rosie Wolf VIC Posts: 163
11 22 Nov 2009
I'm a massive body modification enthusiast. I know ALOT about piercings, just from years of being pierced and being interested in the art.
The legal age to get a piercing (in QLD anyways, might want to check your particular states legislation) is 16, and 18 for anything near the female or male genitalia.
At the moment i only have 4 piercings; My septum (often referred to as the 'bull ring') Both my ears are stretched to 1.5cm & i have dermal anchor piercings in my wrists. I also previously had surface piercings on my collar bones, snake bites, angel bites (dumb name. like snake bites but on the top lip. as well as the webbing in between my top lip & gums (a small ball & ring hung in front of my smile. sounds weird. looks great!)
These places DO NOT hire properly trained piercers, yes majority of them have done a piercing course, but that does not make them qualified.
Go to an actual piercing shop. Do not go to a hair supply shop to get a piercing, you will honestly regret it. A piercing shop is more expensive, but you're paying for quality work, jewelry not to mention the aftercare. If you do have issues with new piercings, places like Hair Warehouse do not provide adequate information let alone help. A good reputable piercing shop will always see you regarding you piercings and their health, and they know exactly what they're talking about.

As far as general aftercare of piercings goes. You can purchase the cleaning sprays they sell at Piercing shops, but its also just as good, if not better IMO to use salt water. Just a matter of dissolving sea salt (make sure its sea salt not cooking salt) then letting it cool before soaking your piercing. you should do this regularly, about once of twice a day for the first two weeks.

Don't be fooled. piercings do scar, it just depends on the placement, the quality of the piercing job and the persons skin, as well as the length of time you keep them in for. For example, i have scars from my snake bites which i had pierced for 5 years, but not from my angel bites as i only had them a couple years.

Piercers DO NOT use numbing gel. Even tattooists don't use numbing cremes, they're expensive and not readily available here. Plus, you seriously do not even need it. Your ears will hurt for a second, then just feel hot. Your lip will hurt too, but only for a short amount of time. then it'll be a little swollen for a day or two and a little sore to the touch. But nothing unbearable at all. If you're looking to avoid pain, avoid surface piercings and tattoos. lol.

Ah. teeth. Yes, piercings do effect your teeth. It does depend on the mouth and the piercing placement, but it is very rare that you won't do any damage at all. Most people get tiny fractures in their teeth, chips, or their gums can recede.

Hope i helped, some answers may not be what you were expecting, or wanting, but its best to be informed and be able to enjoy piercings without any surprises down the track.
Be warned, piercings can be like tattoos, once you get one you just need more. I'm already up to no.27 & counting... haha.
feel free to ask me anything else if you're still wondering =P

MothWings MothWings NSW Posts: 102
12 22 Nov 2009
Well I suppose it depends on the place you go to but my piercer does use numbing cream for mouth piercings, though now that I've had others done I'd say it does nothing -like a placebo.

Piercings do leave scars -especially if it doesn't heal which happens to alot of surface piercings. It happened to my tear drop and sternum piercing, though the scars fade after a while.

Apart from that I've got 3 lip piercings left. I do want more though, thinking of trying out tear drop again.
Raah said:

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
14 22 Nov 2009
I have two piercings in each ear, but I keep going through phases where I really really really want other places pierced XD First it was my tongue, now I'm so over it, but I really want my lip pierced now....

Compostkitty Compostkitty NSW Posts: 780
15 22 Nov 2009
piercings are great ive had a few ive had Monroe
double lip on one side snake bites are stupid in my opinion
tragus nose and two in each ear
i ended up taking them out awhile ago and yesterday got rid of y nose one to ive had it since i was first in high school i still go to play with it, and think ive lost it.

they are fine as long as you dont play with them or keep taking them out which could cause infections and you need to clean them properly
if your school does not allow piercing dont get any facial piercings

MothWings MothWings NSW Posts: 102
16 22 Nov 2009
Oh yeh forgot, I've got my tongue pierced aswell. They become a part of you, tend to forgot I've even got them though it feels like I've lost something when I take them out on rare occassions

Fear__Loathing Fear__Loathing VIC Posts: 32
17 22 Nov 2009
I'm a piercing lover haha, Ive had 14 but there would have been more had I not gone to a private girls school for the past 6 years.

I recent got my nostril pierced, and have finally retired my septum that i've had for 3-4 years.

I have 10 in my ears, two cartilage piercings and three lobe piercings in one ear, then five lobe piercings in the other. I would like to get more, but Im running out of room! Haha

I also have my navel pierced, its rarely seen by anyone but it was a fun piercing to get. I have a video of it actually, my friend Jess went first and I went second happy

Some places do have numbing cream/mouth wash for oral piercings, but you have to pay like $10-$15 extra for it. Ear piercings don't hurt much at all, you'll be fine! happy

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
18 22 Nov 2009
I've got 3 in one ear (2 in the lobe and 1 mid way) and 4 in the other (2 at the top and 2 on the lobe). Also I have my belly button done.

As Raah said it only hurts for a second, then you'll soon forget about it. Just use a cleaning spray and you'll be fine. I never had an infections.

soy soy NSW Posts: 100
19 22 Nov 2009
Laws have changed for piercings and tattoos, even if you're under the age of 18 with guardians permission it is illegal for them to modify you.
I believe that's Nationwide but I could be wrong.

I say go for it! If it's not just on a whim and you've thought about it for a while and still like the idea - do it! Body modification is a fantastic way to show off not only your body but your personality and what you believe in.

I have 3 piercings - lobes, helix and nostril. And one tattoo which is on my left shoulder/back with one more on the way! I'm getting the vegan V on my right thumb happy make sure the ink is vegan though happy

Just a warning though, they're ADDICTIVE.

mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds SA Posts: 320
20 22 Nov 2009
i got my ear lobes pierced and now mum said im not allowed anymore till im 18, to every one out there who has a septum piercin, you are god. i love them.  I WANT MORE PIERCINGS >:|

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