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Vegan Outreach Brisbane!

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Antje Antje QLD Posts: 4
1 24 Jun 2013
Is there anyone in Brisbane who would you like to do more to help animals?
Leafletting is a great and easy way to promote veganism. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, if you have only one hour a month or ten. It’s really worth the effort and you won’t have to do it alone. We are only a couple of people atm, but more are very welcome. So, if you have some spare time every now and then, on a Saturday or even during the week, why not give it go?

tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
2 25 Jun 2013
Hey there,

How often do you guys do leafleting?

Antje Antje QLD Posts: 4
3 26 Jun 2013
Hi tainui,
I try do it every week (weather permitting). Usually on Saturdays for 1-2 hours, occasionally during the week. Others do it only once a month or less. But that doesn’t matter, every little bit counts.