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Help Fund 'Unity' - Earthlings Sequel

Crowdfunding needed for Earthlings sequel

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BFV BFV SA Posts: 138
1 27 Jun 2013
Kickstarter campaign for the sequel to Earthlings - 30 days to raise $800,000.
Please donate what you can!

Banani Banani NSW Posts: 93
2 30 Jun 2013
Backing it. happy

BFV BFV SA Posts: 138
3 6 Jul 2013
Hey guys, just bumping this thread with some more info.
I know a lot of people on this forum have seen Earthlings and know what a powerful movie it is.
Some people cite it as their reason for becoming veg*n, and others have used it to educate their friends and family about their reasons for choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle.

For those who haven't seen it, Earthlings is a confronting feature-length documentary that exposes the inherent cruelty in industries that profit from the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, research, entertainment, and pets. It helps people to make the connection between the choices we make, and the impact those choices have on the living beings with whom we share this planet, focusing on the appalling 'standard practices' of these industries, rather than the 'isolated cases' of intentional cruelty we sometimes see in the news.
It is available to watch online for free, but be prepared for 90 minutes of very disturbing, graphic footage:

Shaun Monson, the writer/director of Earthlings, has been working on a sequel since 2007, titled 'Unity'. The film will feature narration by 80 celebrities, and music by Sigur Ros.
He has now launched a Kickstarter campaign, appealing for crowd funding to get Unity released.
Here is an excerpt from the link above:

"[Earthlings] was essentially an exercise in compassion, yet I always wanted to expand on the subject.  Given that there’s an enormous spectrum of life on our planet, which makes us all earthlings, I wondered why humanity shows empathy for some beings, but apathy for others, (human, animal or tree).  This “separation based on form,” as it's called, would become the central theme of a new documentary film.
For the past six years I have written and re-written, researched and filmed, and basically amassed a rather large quantity of material (text, narration, music and images) all with the principle intention of casting a very strong light on this contrast between apathy and empathy.  So this is what we are 'documenting' in the film Unity."

They are aiming to raise at least $800,000 on Kickstarter to fund post-production, marketing and distribution.
10 days have passed (out of 30) and about $37,000 has been pledged so far.
They have a long way to go, and they won't receive a cent if their funding goal is not met... (pledges are only processed if the campaign is successful.)
This is an important film that needs to get made, so I'd like to encourage you guys again to check out the Kickstarter page, and consider donating what you can afford and/or sharing the link with your friends.
Peace! love