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Who has Instagram!?

Page for everyone to add each others instagram!!

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Cow milk is for baby calves. Cow milk is for baby calves. NSW Posts: 8
1 18 Jul 2013
Hey peeps!

So I have no idea if anyone's made a post like this before but anywho, thought it'd be great for us all to add and inspire each other with our totally awesome vegan and animal posts on ig ecstatic

- Leave your instagram username
-Say which Country you're from
- Say if you're - vegan or a vegetarian or a newbie!

Let's all follow each other  wink happy

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
2 18 Jul 2013
Hey!! I am from Sydney and I am a vegetarian (But i love vegan food!!)

My Instagram: 4_animals (I post stuff about animal rights and living eco-friendly)

What is your instagram?

I will follow you happy

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
3 19 Jul 2013
Username: fallingskyz
Country: rural NSW
Status: vegan

I literally only just made a account like 5 minutes ago so I only have one post of my pet sheep pudding tongue hehe I will properly post images I've taken of my animals and my photography happy

Anyone else got Instagram ? I'm following you 4_animals :3

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
4 19 Jul 2013
Username: veganbeautyqld
Country: Brissy
Status: vegan

I post makeup, skincare, food anything vegan basically happy

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
5 19 Jul 2013
fallingskyz & 4_animals I'm following you on IG. My username is veganbeautyqld

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
6 19 Jul 2013
South Australia

I basically just post food and animals :p

Sonia3 Sonia3 QLD Posts: 2
8 20 Jul 2013
I've added some of you already,
username: sonniegrace
living in Brissy
newbie vegan

feel free to follow me happy

tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
9 21 Jul 2013
Hey guys!

I'm Tai from Brisbane.
Username: tainui_t

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
10 21 Jul 2013
I'm following all of you who've posted IG usernames happy

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