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Tammie2 Tammie2 VIC Posts: 3
1 27 Jul 2013
As I sit here playing with my bunnies, I look at them and can't comprehend how people can be so cruel and nasty towards animals. They are so defenceless and dependable upon us to ensure they have the best life possible. They have a trust that they will receive the love they deserve and I would never break that trust between us.
When I see video footage of animal cruelty I am unble to watch it as it makes me cry but also brings out a rage in me that I've never felt before. I just want to go and get the animals and bring them all home with me to be loved and treated with respect. I realise that of course it's an impossible want, but I really want to save these animals from the cruel and heartbreaking lives they lead. We all deserve happiness, and in my eyes that includes all animals as well.
My 7 rabbits, 2 of which I rescued from appalling conditions, are treated like kings and queens. They are cuddled and shown affection everyday and also fed the best of food twice a day. When my mum visits she comments on how spoilt the bunnies are. But I wouldn't want it any other way. My children have been raised to treat all animals with respect. My middle child wants to become a Vet as he loves animals. He gets very upset to hear of animal cruelty and I hope his voice is heard along with ours and helps to put an end to cruelty for good. I thank you all for being a voice for our gorgeous animals and I'm proud to be a part of something that can help make animals lives more happier and less traumatic. I'm sure that we can all show the Government that enough is enough and we won't back down until we end Live Export and put an end to animal testing etc.
You are all kind hearted people. Xx happy

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
2 27 Jul 2013
So true happy I don't even know how people can treat animals in the way you see on earthlings and  other movies.

mowenna mowenna United Kingdom Posts: 7
3 8 Aug 2013
I feel the exact same as you but I don't have bunnies happy I really want to stop animal cruelty and I really want my friends to be a vegetarian like I am but unfortunately i think I'm the only one in my school, I seriously haven't heard of any other vegetarians in my school happy