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Bonjela alternatives?

Wisdom teething being a pain

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Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
1 19 Sep 2013
Hey! So my wisdom teeth are really hurting at the moment - my whole jaw is aching. I'm not sure if bonjela is suitable for vegans, so I thought I'd ask here. I've also heard that bonjela isn't that effective for some people.
Anyone got any ideas on something I could buy (or do) to help with the pain?

le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
2 19 Sep 2013
you could try clove oil... it's very unpleasant tasting but generally considered effective for treating toothaches, even those associated with wisdom teeth.

claingbot claingbot NT Posts: 31
3 21 Sep 2013
I have no idea if Bonjela is or isn't vegan. The active ingredient is similar to aspirin, so if you're interested you could try swilling dissolved aspirin around the area then swallowing. Swallowing any anti-inflammatory drug should have a similar effect.

If you're keen to know if it is vegan harass a pharmacist. They should know (or be able to find out) what's in the product and be able to recommend an alternative.

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
4 21 Sep 2013
I feel your pain! sad and I REALLY hope panadine forte is vegan.

Jaydenmoorie Jaydenmoorie SA Posts: 3
5 23 Nov 2013
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