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Cafes/Bakeries for dogs

Food equality for all species?

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Zuzana3 Zuzana3 Australia Posts: 7
1 1 Oct 2013
There exist several dog-focusing bakeries with ingredients like carob, honey, wheat some of which are vegetarian friendly , and some have free range eggs ; if eggs are used at all (indeed, one site has a "vegetarian treats" section!)

Since there are no preservatives or harmful artificial ingredients it seems a healthy food for everyone that mitigates distinctions between animals and humans in the process (as they can share the same treats), promoting equality.

Or so I imagine; I am curious, hypothetically would you be willing to eat these, or would you have an aversion to food for dogs?

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
2 1 Oct 2013
I'd eat it. There was actually a dog bakery that would send things like biscuits in the mail, but also had a proper cafe somewhere, where both dogs and humans could enjoy the food. I looked at pictures and it looked good haha. But I wouldn't be scared just because it's for dogs, no.

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
3 1 Oct 2013
Unless they specified 'suitable for humans too' i would assume that they would not have had the same hygiene standards? Even then, dog biscuits, ew.
I'd rather share my food with my dog, than try hers!