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Be VEGAN Billboard


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VeganEra VeganEra QLD Posts: 202
1 22 Oct 2013
Hey beautiful friends. We have just put our Be VEGAN Billboard up in Toowoomba, Queensland. It is receiving some media attention in there paper The Chronicle.

The article has been getting some very negative feedback, and we would really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave some positive feedback and help show the world just how cool us vegans are!

Here is the link -

Any support would be so appreciated...thank you all so much for saving our beautiful animal friends.

beaverhug cow monkey orcawhale rabbit clap thumb

VeganCard VeganCard QLD Posts: 8
2 22 Oct 2013
will do

VeganCard VeganCard QLD Posts: 8
3 22 Oct 2013
Oh wow, there is heaps of messages on there web site - a lot of negative ones. Would be cool to get more positive ones up there. I mean we are cool! thumb

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
4 22 Oct 2013
LOL my problem is that I only see some of these messages negative in the way you might.

the other ones are just positive people, dealing with negative people whom happen to be "Vegan" bigoted.

I avoid calling myself Vegan, but go to every extent to avoid animal products. Emailing all the companies, of all the things I'm unsure of, in any area of my life. Gardening, Laundry, Bathroom,  Pantry.. etcetcetcetectec

I'm happy with the idea of Veganism being tied in with 'non-harming' ideologies of the east and i'm aware it was coined by the Vegetarian Society of UK/England, by a sect of people being more strict about the flippant use of the word Vegetarian meaning 'can eat fish', 'eggs' et cetera. SO they had to make a new word to satisfy the people who are (more?) absolute.

But to me, non-harming is also not guilt tripping people... the percentage of people that are vegan because they can't bare the 'thought' of eating their pets, compared to the percentage of people who are vegan because they care about the native ecosystems these farm yard, comfort pet animals are in detriment of due to human folly...

well they almost have to be separated from one another. one is so overshadowed by the other it almost doesn't exist as a percentage in comparison.

anyway, I like your billboard happy it is a bright, beacon of smiles.

Veganism like any religion that is too open, is tainted by the people who associate for the wrong reasons or of a less sympathetic/empathetic constitution. maybe there is no adjustment process or the non-harming ideologies don't translate as essential, but they are. wisdom and understanding should be a path leading to veganism. no leading exclusively from it.

I just call myself a minimalist. And a Vegan out of convenience, when seeking appropriate chow.

vegan = non-harming = avoid soya