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Vegetarian Food in the store is so expensive

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Tobyabe Tobyabe WA Posts: 1
1 24 Oct 2013
I have never really liked beef, pork or especially lamb. The taste is just not nice to me. I have been like that since early childhood (gave mum a headache - sorry mum).

However, I do eat chicken and Turkey but I am eating much less now than I used to. I want to start eating vegie food like burgers, meals and the like but far out they are twice the price of normal chicken and the range is very poor.

We had some specials on in my local store last week and I managed to stock up on some things. And they were yummy. Nicer than  chicken in my view but now they are back up to nearly $7.00 for 4 small crumbed vegie burgers.
Certainly not much of an incentive for people, especially if you are on a budget like myself.

Even oat milk that I know buy instead of normal milk is $3.00 for a litre instead of $1.00 a litre for normal milk.


cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
2 25 Oct 2013
do you have any Asian grocery shops near you? as I have found they have some veg products for cheaper. I got tofu for like 2 dollars. I also went to the indian grocery shop and they also have many vegetarian products too. I wish I could be more help but I am from Melbourne. good luck

le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
3 26 Oct 2013
Instead of buying mock meats, you could try making your own lentil/chickpea burgers and the like... Legumes are quite cheap, and to make it more convenient you could make a lot at once, and freeze them. When buying fruit/veg, perhaps you could go to a farmer's market if there's one near by, or scout around for a cheaper store/one that has good deals. Remember to buy in season, too. Snap-frozen vegetables can be more economic for those on a strict budget as well. As for replacement milks, you could always make your own. Again, it's less convenient, but I believe it's cheaper per unit/litre...
Good luck!