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New to Unleashed

I would love to make vegan/vegetarian friends

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KaelaLisa KaelaLisa QLD Posts: 5
1 9 Nov 2013
Heya guys and girls I am new to this place and would love to learn any tips or great beauty/health buys as I don't have any vegetarian friends except for my sister and boyfriend.

Amy Amy VIC Posts: 163
2 11 Nov 2013
Unleashed Admin
Hello! And welcome to Unleashed happy

This is a really great resource for cruelty-free cosmetics: If you hover over 'Choose Cruelty Free List' at the top, it has all cruelty-free products in categories.

I personally use Sukin shampoos and facewash etc. Because they are sold in most pharmacies and aren't expensive. And they are all natural stuff and smell delicious!

Also, I saw Adorn make-up had a stall at World Vegan Day yesterday and there was a big line so I guess it must be good!

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions happy

Ebz Ebz QLD Posts: 5
3 11 Nov 2013
Hello!!! I'm kind of new too!!


KaelaLisa KaelaLisa QLD Posts: 5
4 11 Nov 2013
Thank you for the information! It's such a lengthy process going shopping now trying to read all the ingredients and looking for the little bunny on the products.
And I have found it really hard to deal with the close minded people who don't see animals as our equals. It's a never ending argument these days.
plus my local member supports live animal export so I am struggling to have him change his mind by looking at the facts!
It's all just so disheartening sometimes  sad sad

Amy Amy VIC Posts: 163
6 18 Nov 2013
Unleashed Admin
I know what you mean. It can be hard when you're first getting started to know what to buy. But as you keep exploring you'll discover there are loads of great products out there. And once you've found the ones you like shopping becomes a breeze! And you'll be supporting companies that choose kindness over cruelty happy

I'm sure a lot of us on Unleashed have had similar feelings at one point or another when trying to communicate with people who aren't completely on the same page yet happy Is there something in particular that you're finding people are saying that's bothering you? I recently saw Bruce Friedrich talk and he really helped me with what to say when people ask me why I'm veg. Here's a link to his talk if you're interested. The bits about how to answer people's questions are at 9 mins and 26 mins.

It’s awesome that you’re contacting your MP about the issue of live export. It’s people like you that make it possible for progress to be made on ending this trade. And we are achieving significant milestones for these animals all the time. The industry has changed so much since we started campaigning on this issue and we have helped improve the lives of millions of animals. You can see the progress that’s been made here -

I wouldn't take your MPs public stance about live export to heart. We won't change politicians' attitudes to live export overnight, but with patience and persistence we are slowly seeing more and more politicians support an end to this cruel trade.

The key, I've found to keeping a positive perspective is remembering to celebrate the small victories along the way. So try not to be disheartened. Together we are creating change, it can just take time. Your efforts to help animals are making a difference, so thank you! happy