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McDonalds answering all questions..except mine

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KaelaLisa KaelaLisa QLD Posts: 5
1 2 Dec 2013
Hey, I have sent 2 questions to the McDonalds question website and both times they have sent me an email saying they have already answered the question but haven't shown me where. I have looked everywhere but I think they are avoiding telling everyone the answer. Does anyone else have this problem?

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
2 2 Dec 2013
Unleashed Admin
It doesn't look like they are keeping every question on their website. I got a private response similar to the below... but I can't see my question on their website either:

McDonald's said:
Hi, thanks for your question. We know that this is a topic many Australians are concerned about. The humane treatment of animals is important to us at McDonald's. We believe that animals should be free from cruelty, abuse and neglect. Let's tackle this question in more detail.

Most cattle in Australia, including the ones our suppliers use, spend the majority of their lives grazing in pastures. Some cattle will move to a feed-lot before processing.

The eggs supplied to McDonald's are from caged hens. All farms that supply our eggs have cage designs that meet the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Domestic Poultry.

The chicken meat used for our products comes from chickens that are raised in large sheds in which they can move about, and that are environment-controlled to protect the birds from temperature extremes, predators and disease. The birds have constant access to feed and water.

We are pleased to advise that from early 2014, all pork for our bacon will be sourced from pigs in higher welfare systems; by this we mean from farms that use group housing for sows for the majority of their gestation period rather than sow stalls. Sow stalls are an enclosure for housing a single sow during pregnancy.

We have strict standards concerning the treatment of animals — abuse is never tolerated. Our standards cover critical areas such as feed, water, air quality and humane treatment. We work with such animal welfare experts as Dr. Temple Grandin to help guide us in our animal welfare standards.

We understand that some customers may be looking for free-range options. Our goal is to provide customers with quality food at great value and the cost of free-range chicken, bacon and eggs would raise the price of our products to a point where we are not able to provide the same value that our customers have come to expect from us.

We hope this helps.

Tashaa Tashaa NSW Posts: 3
3 4 Dec 2013
I've sent then two questions. This was the first:
"I read that McDonalds Australia was planning to evaluate a trial of cage free eggs in New Zealand. I also read that McDonalds as a company agree that animals should be free from abuse and cruelty. With that in mind, cage free eggs are clearly the more ethical and cruelty free choice. McDonalds across the world are switching to cage free and I see no reason Australia should be so far behind on something so simple. What exactly would you need to evaluate to make such an obvious decision? ”
They replied with an email linking me to where they apparently answered my question three times. But those questions were just people asking if they used cage free eggs.
So I sent them a second.
“ I understand that you don't have cage free eggs because you are worried about how customers will react to having to pay more. McDonalds in other countries have successfully made the transition to cage free. Why are we lagging behind countries like New Zealand? ”
Once again they replied with an email rather than posting publicly but this time they only said they wish to discuss the matter further and linked me to their contact details.