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Our stall is this weekend!


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_jorja_&_molly_ _jorja_&_molly_ NSW Posts: 39
1 8 Jan 2014
Our stall is this weekend but if its raining then it will be called off but hopefully it wont.

If you you would like to donate to us or come just comment down below.

If you want to share us some ideas what we should sell it would help a lot.

We are already selling cupcakes but we don't know what else to sell well be do but not sure if we should.


ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo QLD Posts: 861
2 8 Jan 2014
Great work, your two are amazing happy

Oh but don't forget to add the details of where the stall is in your post lol happy because people do want to have to always reply to posts though if you add it to your first post they will have the details and it keeps it nice and easy for them happy