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Vegan Breakfast

What delicious food do you eat for breakfast?

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Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica NSW Posts: 108
1 20 Jan 2014
Unfortunately I still eat dairy for breakfast and I need some other breakfast ideas idea. I would like something simple. What do you eat for breakfast that's vegan? Tempt me!

Amy Amy VIC Posts: 163
2 20 Jan 2014
Unleashed Admin
TOFU SCRAMBLE! All day everyday happy Here's my top secret recipe:

Amy Amy VIC Posts: 163
3 20 Jan 2014
Unleashed Admin
Also, if you cut hard tofu really thin, marinate it in soy sauce and then fry it, it makes a really yummy crispy facon type thing which is great on a sandwich with tomato and avo happy Smokey bbq sauce optional but highly recommended!

Laura.. Laura.. VIC Posts: 6
4 20 Jan 2014
I have the same thing every morning and it's delicious! in a blender I add banana, baby spinach, cucumber, melon, chia seeds, water and almond milk.. I wizz it up and drink as a smoothie! Vegan heaven love

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
5 20 Jan 2014
Avo on Toast ecstatic i use Nutlex as a replacement for butter and OMG Heaven!

I also buy the Chocolate soy milk and make hot chocolates with that and you don't get the yucky soy after taste happy

IronTheremin666 IronTheremin666 VIC Posts: 63
6 20 Jan 2014
tofu scramble ecstatic and you can put it in a breakfast burrito thing with some mexe-beans and a hashbrown

or do like a cafe style vegan breakfast: fry up some mushrooms, spinach and tomato. heat up some homemade or canned baked beans. and then serve with some toast and hashbrowns and maybe half an avocado. ive seen variations of that at so many cafes.

english muffins with peanut butter and banana are really nice.

oh and sanitarium have these canned sausages if you eat mock meat and you can fry some of those and serve with maybe tofu scramble or a hashbrown and some toast

and you can do oats just make them with water over the stove and then add some soymilk if you want them creamier and you can add nuts and fruit to them

or fruit salad is a great breakfast

and toasted sandwiches

yeah there a few things haha

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
7 21 Jan 2014
I usually make oats with non-dairy milk and frozen blueberries, fry up mushrooms and tomatoes and have with avocado on toast, or make a smoothie with a mix of fresh fruit, frozen berries, greens, protein powder, non dairy milk and raw cacao powder

yummy happy

Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica NSW Posts: 108
8 24 Jan 2014
Yay! Thank you everyone, my breakfast is now 'veganised'. On school days I eat fruit salad and English muffins with jam. On the weekend, when I have more time, I hope to try Amy's 'world-renowned' tofu scramble and marinated tofu. Thank you to everyone who answered! You really have tempted me!

Vasilisa-Protector of chooks. Vasilisa-Protector of chooks. SA Posts: 11
9 15 Mar 2014
Cereal without milk.

Rosie3 Rosie3 NSW Posts: 3
10 16 Mar 2014
These are some of my favourite breakfasts:

Porridge with soymilk and sweetener of choice
Green smoothie
 Chia seed pudding
  Avocado on toast w. salt, pepper and lemon juice
   Cereal w. coconut yogurt

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