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Young activist

What has this world become?

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Madi Land Madi Land WA Posts: 4
1 6 May 2014
My name is Madi, i am 14 years old and do everything i can to help animals. I volunteer at a shelter called Animal Protection Society and care for the animals. I am involved with rallies, school speeches, cruelty free living and spreading the word for animals australia. I am disgusted on what people can do to these innocent creatures when there is no need for it at all. They are on this earth and so are we, us humans are not setting a good example for kids in the future by treating the animals in such horrible manor.

cs_anticap cs_anticap QLD Posts: 7
2 6 May 2014
Nice to meet you! I'm 13 so kinda the same age! It sounds like you're doing a lot to help the movement! x

tigerlily tigerlily NSW Posts: 30
3 6 May 2014
hey I'm 13 so similar age as well. i also get really worked up about how some people think its fine to treat animals the way they do. I also do as much as i can to help animals. i write speeches each year for eisteddfods and school competitions on animal rights issues.
Anyway, i came to unleashed to meet some like-minded people.

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
4 7 May 2014
I am 13 too!! If you want to chat more about that kind of stuff message me on here. I am vegan as well XD  banana

justdaisy justdaisy WA Posts: 74
5 4 Jun 2014
hi team,

i've kicked off an animal welfare club at my primary school in Pingelly, Western Australia.

i started by launching my personal 'Choose Cruelty Free' campaign at the school and finding a small group of kids that were most supportive as helpers.

now we've finished the CCF campaign we are going to tackle some other harder issues - like banning live export, and factory farming.

the thing is, Pingelly is a rural town where there are factory farms and sheep and cattle farms that support live export.

most of the kids at school are farmers kids.
all the most popular kids are farmers kids.

our little club of junior activists are going to make a lot of enemies - we need some support.

so, i'm hoping to hear from any other school based animal welfare clubs - if they exist.

if you are out there, please  message me here;

cheers guys,

treehugger treehugger VIC Posts: 3
6 6 Jun 2014
hey there turtle
I'm 13 too, and it's nice to know there are others who care too. I joined unleashed just recently and I wish I'd discovered it sooner bee I'm hoping to start up an animal rights club at school soon.
hope to meet more people like you xx

SSCS-Octonaut SSCS-Octonaut NSW Posts: 3
7 18 Jun 2014
Aww man you guys all make me feel old sad I'm 16!  orcawhale fish starfish turtle pillowfight peace_out Hehehehe so many exciting emoticons! (sorry newbie)

SSCS-Octonaut SSCS-Octonaut NSW Posts: 3
8 18 Jun 2014
Aww man you guys all make me feel old tongue I'm 16.  It's good to see so many other young peeps out there who care for the animals/earth! ecstatic

Madi Land Madi Land WA Posts: 4
9 27 Nov 2014
good on you happy im glad to hear there are more younger people involved

Madi Land Madi Land WA Posts: 4
10 27 Nov 2014
Hi Guys,

So I am now working on a new book on dairy calves, and I have spoken to the Penrhos principle (my school) about introducing the animal welfare issues to the whole school. Also, I met Lynn White! She presented the most inspiring speech, and I even brought some of my teachers along on the night happy. So all together it has been a very big week!
If anyone has any ideas on what else I should do, please let me know


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