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A viddy video


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Chicken Legs Chicken Legs VIC Posts: 72
1 6 Jun 2014
Just wondering other peoples thoughts on this video, and whether or not you would share it to others as its kind of cheeky rather than the typical in your face footage that one might just turn their back on as usual .....

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
2 7 Jun 2014
Such a good video! Thanks for sharing happy

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
3 7 Jun 2014
This is the website she was talking about:

this is really bad, if you scroll down you will see an image of mother pigs in sow stalls

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo QLD Posts: 861
4 8 Jun 2014
The funny thing is that if you read the comments people make, they are saying that this video is fake which is ironic really considering that that is one of the thing she talks about - willful ignorance... considering that fact that the proof is all around them that back up her claims.

Thanks for sharing happy

justdaisy justdaisy WA Posts: 74
5 14 Jun 2014
i found it was a really good video, but if i was her i wouldn't be telling them there secrets about selling there products  happy

sprout sprout SA Posts: 69
6 18 Jun 2014
Ahhh I really liked this video. I may have sneakily linked it to a couple other people I knew .. passing it off as something I saw at uni haha.

Regarding the fake thing - I'm pretty sure I've read they are an actress (correct me if I'm wrong) but yeah, people arguing that as a cause to why they shouldn't listen really didn't pick up the whole willful ignorance side of things.

Another great vid I liked was
It's interesting to see the massive, massive, massive disconnect between what they're eating and the actual animal being put in front of them. No one seems to really get it?

Chicken Legs Chicken Legs VIC Posts: 72
7 19 Jun 2014
haha oh dear I love this!

Yeah she is apparently an actress but the audience and their reactions are supposed to be for reals.

Just because someone is an actor/actress should not make their point less valid, or the means in which they get it across.

haha, some peoples reactions to that lil piggy in the prank are great! ecstatic