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Legalise Pet Rabbits QLD

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Kayla1 Kayla1 QLD Posts: 3
1 2 Aug 2014
Hi everybody,

Please sign the petition to legalise pet rabbits in QLD (Copy and Paste the below URL).

As most of you know, domestic bunnies are illegal in QLD and a hefty fine follows. As an animal lover myself and a future animal welfare lawyer, I have done my research on the subject and not only are the majority of the claims by the government false, they are using pet rabbits for cruelty reasons only in QLD.

Only Magicians and Universities are allowed to own domestic rabbits, as I am sure you would realise, they bunnies wont be treated with any respect in either situation.

The government claims that pet bunnies will escape and breed with wild rabbits. This is not true because they don't have the same number of chromosomes, the rabbit will either miscarry or the offspring will be infertile.

So if everyone could please sign the petition to legalise pet bunnies in QLD.

noddysmiley noddysmiley SA Posts: 75
2 7 Aug 2014
I'm sure your heart is in the right place here, but wouldn't it be more useful to focus on stopping the use of rabbits for experiments and entertainment, rather than trying to increase the number of domestic rabbits around by keeping them as pets? I just don't see how it would benefit rabbits in general. If anything, the sudden increased demand would probably lead to people breeding more pet rabbits, people impulse buying pet rabbits and hence more abandoned and homeless rabbits where there didn't used to be any.

I'm sorry, I'm sure you'd be a responsible rabbit owner, and I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but the animals benefit or needs should be put first.

The British Aussie The British Aussie SA Posts: 212
3 9 Aug 2014
I think the issues concerning pet rabbits is a tricky one, I know that here is SA the amount that are being consistently just given away on Gumtree and such is high. There is also the issue that many who own rabbits, (I am definitely not saying this is you as you seem like a very responsible pet owner), do not take care of them properly, they do not worm them, vaccinate them etc and do not want to pay the cost to have their rabbit desexed to stop over breeding. I think rather than just having pet rabbits legalised like in the other states tougher restrictions would need to be in place to try and ensure that rabbits are better taken care of so that the same issues that are happening in other states do not happen in QLD.


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